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10 Phrases Every Christian Should Stop Saying

Youtuber Jefferson Bethke is calling out some overused phrases

10 Phrases Every Christian Should Stop Saying
10 Phrases Every Christian Should Stop Saying

There are few phrases that we often hear from Christians that are actually inappropriate or biblically incorrect. These are 10 phrases every Christian should stop saying according to Christian speaker, author, and Youtuber  Jefferson Bethke.

  1. God is not giving you more than you can handle.

Whenever something goes wrong, this is the first phase that comes to people’s mind. But Jefferson Bethke thinks that God DOES give us more than we can handle in order to reply on Him.

  1. Everything happens for a reason.

A phrase that Christians use to comfort themselves or others. Even if that phrase is theologically correct, it can be deeply offensive to people who are suffering or mourning.

  1. Will all the visitors please stand?

This usually happens in big Christian churches. When the service is about to start, people often acknowledge and welcome the visitors. Even though that act is gracious and excellent, but it is usually awkward for the visitors. Just let relationships happen naturally; we could welcome and greet them in the parking lot or after the service.

  1. I covet your prayers.

Can we just say “I need your prayers” rather than using the Old Testament term that actually means “lust”?

  1. You must be blessed with the gift of singleness.

This is the last thing a single person wants to hear. Maybe that person doesn’t want to be single! Don’t insist it’s a ‘gift’ or a calling for someone else.

  1. It’s my job to love on some kids.

This usually happens in the youth pastor context. The word “love” is a perfectly fine verb, you don’t have to add “on”. That is just awkward, weird and creepy.

  1. I’ll pray about it

Sometimes when you’re talking to a friend, and you want to say no, but instead you say, “well I’ll pray about it.” If you’re really going to pray about it, well that is awesome! But if you’re just using the phrase as a passive “no”, then that’s a problem! Just say “no.”

  1. Jesus is my co-pilot

That is borderline heresy. You’re driving the plane, and you have Jesus by your side just assisting you? Jesus is not just a co-pilot. He is actually the pilot, and you’re actually in the back of the plane. Without the pilot, we die.

  1. God helps those who help themselves.

According to the scripture, this is not true! God gives grace to the humble, needy, broken-hearted. So saying “God helps those who help themselves” is actually putting a barrier from what God says is true. God helps everyone who wants to receive from Him.

  1. You just need to forgive yourself.

People usually say this if someone is struggling from something they’ve done in the past and wants to get over it. That is not true! What you really need to let them know is that Jesus has already forgiven them on the cross. God is the highest authority and not we. We just have to rest in what God has done and trust that we are now a new creation. That’s when we could start walking in forgiveness

If you have been using these phrases, it’s now the time to reconsider using these words again. As a Christian, let us use our words wisely and according to the likeness of Jesus.

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Rhoda Gayle wrote this article.

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