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14-Year-Old Girl Leads Youth in Worship

Young worship leader inspires the next generation!

14-Year-Old Girl Leads Youth in Worship
14-Year-Old Girl Leads Youth in Worship

God is raising up a new generation of worshipers – Josie Buchanan is one of them.  Her heart for worship and honoring God through her talent is truly inspiring being that she is so young.  She was once part of Bethel kids and she grew up knowing God.  Her talent, and most importantly her heart, in worshiping our living God was developed as a child and she has been given the chance to lead the young people in worship.

She sang the song, “What a beautiful name it is” with her powerful and anointed voice.  When you get to hear her sing, you will be amazed by how she sincerely worships our living God.  The presence of God is in that place and you can really feel the power of the Holy Spirit touching the hearts of every person in the room.  Seeing the younger generation worship God powerfully brings so much hope and inspiration.

Josie is one of the youngest worship leaders from Bethel Church who was trained by Bethel worship team in leading the next generation.  Let’s pray for more young people like her – a generation that will boldly share the love of God and bring revival to this broken world.

Credits: Josie Buchanan // Bethel Music

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