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17 Inmates Baptized At Covington County Mississippi

17 Inmates Baptized At Covington County Mississippi
17 Inmates Baptized At Covington County Mississippi

The Covington County Sheriff’s Office rejoiced over the decision of 17 inmates to receive Jesus and get baptized. They hope that it will be a “new start”.

17 inmates baptized

The Sheriff’s department recently posted the good news on their social media page. They were “proud to report that 17 inmates were baptized today.” The post continued with, “The ministry that has been provided at the Covington County Correctional Facility has been a blessing in many ways. We hope that this is a new start and will change the lives of these and many more.”

Along with the post were two pictures of the 17 inmates. Four of them were women and 13 men. Their smiles reflect the hope and life that they now have. Many family members and friends shared in their joy in the comment section.

“Praise the Lord!! Praying for strength and courage to stand up for Jesus all their lives,” said one commenter.

Another one said, “It’s wonderful that you have all chosen a new way. Our Lord Jesus Christ will always be there to comfort and take care of you. However, when He answers your prayers, it may not always be what you had in mind. But trust in Him for He is the only Way.”

“I picked Jesus Christ”

Meanwhile, in Washington, a former inmate, Alfio, crafted an 11-foot cross for the prison ministry that helped him turn to Christ. After hearing the Gospel while in prison, he realized that he needed to make a decision. “I had to pick a side and I picked Jesus Christ,” he said. “He said ‘Follow me and it’ll be better than you think.’”

He was then released 2 years earlier than his 11-year charge. Together with his wife, they create crosses for churches. Alfio believes that God called him to create a unique cross that spells out the pain Jesus went through.

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