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3 Successful Business Secrets From Jesus Christ

Achieving Financial Success In Businss God's Way As A Christian

3 Successful Business Secrets From Jesus Christ
3 Successful Business Secrets From Jesus Christ

There is much that can be learned from the Life of Jesus Christ for the achievement of a successful business. On several occasions in the Holy Gospel written by Luke, we hear Jesus Christ saying “I must be about my Father’s business”. He perceived the task which was given to Him by His Father as the business which he had to run successfully.

God wants you to prosper, but He will not come down from Heaven to execute the things you are responsible of doing. He blesses our plans (Proverbs 16:3) and provides us with the necessary strength to carry them out as we can read from the Bible verses on strength. That’s why we can say without doubt that Christian financial freedom is a reality which can be achieved. It depends on how committed you are to working hard while remaining faithful to God as you make a prayer for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough. Refuse to be skeptical about money in the Bible and rather learn what the Bible says about money management or Christian money management.

Jesus Christ is a qualified teacher not only in spirituality but in all sectors of life. The tremendous success He achieved in going about His Father’s business is one that cannot be denied by any sensible person. It is in the light of handling Christian finances so as to facilitate your journey to achieving financial freedom God’s way that we hereby write to provide you with Christian financial advice or wisdom from Jesus Christ by referring to His ministry as “business” and to His Apostles as “team members” or “employees”. Understanding the following Christian Business principles will bring elements of answers to your miracle prayer for money as they make you receptive to financial miracles or miracle money.

1. Jesus prepared for “business”

Strategic planning or preparation is one of the tips for business success. It is known to all that Jesus Christ spend much time preparing for his Father’s business. The quote from the Holy Gospel of Luke where Jesus says “I must be about my Father’s business” came from a story before he actually started his father’s business. He spoke these words when he was revolving around his 12 years on Earth. But behold, he actually started his Father’s business by the age of 30 years. Thus, we can roughly say that Jesus Christ took 30 years to prepare and come up with strategies that will take his Father’s business to success. This explains why we are still experiencing His “success” even after 2000 years.

Many young business entrepreneurs are often tempted to jump into business ventures without preparing or strategizing a business plan. This approach has led many into failed business ventures and others into short term business success. To achieve success, you must take time and diligently prepare before getting into any business venture. The time of preparation has to do with maximizing your knowledge about Business and Finance. Learn all what you can from the best business success books and regularly update yourself with business skills by reading articles from business and financial websites like Trybusinessandfinance.com.

2. Jesus understood the importance of sacrifice in fulfilling His vision and making His Father’s “business” successful

Establishing a successful business starts with you and you alone. You’ll be making a mistake by counting on others. Taking a business to a successful and outstanding level takes time, hard work, and personal sacrifice. No one has ever understood the importance of sacrifice as Jesus Christ. He sacrificed His own life on the cross at Calvary so that anyone who believes in Him can live. Christ also made many other sacrifices for our sake and the growth of God’s Kingdom. He had nowhere to comfortably lay His head. The Bible says that He moved from one city to another preaching the gospel which we can refer to as His business.

3. Jesus understood that He could not do everything all alone

Christ eventually sent out His disciples and Apostles to actively assist Him. Jesus Christ understood that He could not d everything alone as a human. Lonely doing everything leads to over-stress and burn-out. Remember when Christ sent out the 72 and gave them power to trample over Satan and his agents. In the same light, you should delegate competent individuals to assist you in taking your business to success. Trying to do everything alone without a team is limiting your business from growing. Also read our 7 Biblical principles of money management and partake in the Christian financial freedom course.

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