3-Year-Old Girl Prays For The World Amidst Pandemic: ‘Please Papa God...’ | God TV

3-Year-Old Girl Prays For The World Amidst Pandemic: ‘Please Papa God…’

3-Year-Old Girl Prays For The World Amidst Pandemic: ‘Please Papa God…’
3-Year-Old Girl Prays For The World Amidst Pandemic: ‘Please Papa God…’

Amidst the battle the world is facing today because of the pandemic, a heartwarming video of a 3-year-old girl praying for the world surfaced and touched millions.

Prayer For The World

The 3-year-old little girl who went viral for her adorable video is Arya. She has moved millions with her sincere prayer for the world, especially those affected by the Coronavirus.

Little girl prays for the world

In the recorded video, Arya encouraged the viewers to pray with her before praying to ‘Papa God.’ Then she prayed to God for the victims of the deadly virus. She also prayed for those suffering and those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

She adorably uttered, “Dear Papa God, I know You’re there and mama says You listen. I’m very small and I’m sorry because today I will ask You for a little more than love and toys. Today I pray for the victims of COVID-19. Those who died and those they left behind…”

Further, she said, “Please Papa God, watch over the children who lost their parents… Please embrace them and make sure they are okay.”

The 3-year-old also remembered those suffering all over the world.

“Please Papa God, heal them and let them know that things will get better soon,” she added.

Moreover, she prayed for the homeless and the poor who have no money to feed their families. She asked God to bless them so they would never lose hope.

And, of course, Arya did not forget to pray for those on the medical frontlines of the Coronavirus as well. She told God, “I’m praying for the doctors who risk themselves every day, doing everything they can to save lives. The nurses who are working nonstop to help their patients feel better. The hospital staff who do their best to help. Papa God, remind them to eat, rest, when they can.”

What a beautiful prayer from a little girl! At such a very young age, she already knows how to pray. Such a blessing!

“God ordains strength out of the mouth of babes and suckling.” – Psalms 8:2


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