3-Year-Old Twins Discuss Being In Quarantine Is So Cute | God TV

3-Year-Old Twins Discuss Being In Quarantine Is So Cute

3-Year-Old Twins Discuss Being In Quarantine Is So Cute
3-Year-Old Twins Discuss Being In Quarantine Is So Cute

Toddler twins went viral as their mother posted on her social media a video of them discussing being in quarantine.Watching kids talk about some issues in life shows how pure and innocent they are. And these 3-year-old twins prove that!

3-year-old twins

Megan Elizabeth shared that her 3-year-old twins always go on about their day while she puts their baby sibling to bed. The twins would role play movies they have watched and play some games when they’re not yet sleepy. But this time, they let us see what goes inside a mind of a toddler about the recent crisis.

Conjoined Twins In Need Of Separation Receive A Miracle

It appears that they understand they’ve been put under quarantine. Later, they showed their excitement over spring time but could not enjoy it that much because of quarantine. It makes them cry, “Germs, go away!”

@megan.elizabeth.x3The 2 funniest people I know! They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep ##quarantine ##pillowfight ##humor ##brothers♬ original sound – megan.elizabeth.x3

Their cute interaction came with pillow fights all the while telling the “germs” to go away. Their mother seems proud over her boys as people gush over them.

Being a mother of three toddlers

Most videos shared by Megan show how fun and joyful it can be being a mother of three toddlers. But in one of her videos, she also expressed the struggle behind it. Despite of it, she has learned to trust God and surrender to His ways. She said in the caption, “This is what makes me going.”

“I don’t always get it right. None of us do. But I know when I think I’ve failed; I can lay it all at His feet because He’ll take all the failures and ensure all our victories,” Megan wrote in an emotional video.

She continued, “We are strong even when we think we’re weak. And when you don’t belong, He says ‘I am yours.’”

@megan.elizabeth.x3This is what keeps me going. ##tiktokrestarea ##ourgodisanawesomegod ##youredoinggreat ##motherhood♬ original sound – stephenstanleymusic

Her example shows that indeed, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength (Philippians 4:13)

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