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4 Christian Gift Ideas For Kids

It's never too early to start a Christian book or toy collection for young kids.

4 Christian Gift Ideas For Kids
4 Christian Gift Ideas For Kids

The other night I was at a (much needed) mom’s night. We were all sharing our various grievances with recent playdates that went wrong. See, our kids are growing up in a technology-centric world. They are exposed to YouTube, video games, apps, text messaging, etc. younger than any other generation before them.  While all of those things have plenty of benefits, the danger and risk involved can be just as (negatively) impactful. All of this got me thinking about different, Christian gift ideas to positively influence our children.

Many of the moms shared their issues with various video games, especially the games that allow other people, oftentimes strangers, to join in. It had me brainstorming what kind of Christian resources, shows, music, games, toys are available for our children. So I compiled a list for those of you that might be in the same boat.

Gift Ideas 1: Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

The Jonathan Park Audio Adventures series targets the 7-13-year-old age group. It is a fun, fictional, series created to help kids grow in their faith and provide (quiet) entertainment. They learn all sorts of facts and information that support them as Christians and build their faith foundation.

Gift Ideas 2: Veggie Tales

“Oh, where is my hairbrush???” Remember that song? It was popular when I was a kid and it’s popularity still shines through today.  Veggie Tales is fun for all ages, toddlers, elementary, high school…grown-ups. You will constantly catch yourself singing these songs all day long. The lessons within each story are often Biblical, moral, and sometimes just funny. The best part? If you have Netflix you and your kids can binge watch whenever you want.

Gift Ideas 3: Children’s Bible

Some of my favorite memories growing up were curling up next to my Dad at bedtime as he would read Bible stories from our picture Bible. The illustrations were so fascinating and the stories were certainly not like the princess fairy tales I otherwise enjoyed. My kids have several children’s Bibles of their own. Our favorite one is The Beginner’s Bible. We also have Jesus Calling Bible Storybook for kids which is equally just as great and even more suitable for elementary kids as opposed to younger kids. Both of these make great baptism gifts or even gifts for baby birthdays.

Gift Ideas 4: Christian Magazines For Kids

Another great gift idea for kids is Christian magazines.  More specifically, from Focus On The Family, there is Clubhouse (ages 6-12) and Clubhouse Jr. (ages 3-7). Like other magazine subscriptions, children will anxiously await their magazine each month – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! It is filled with content you can trust, don’t have to censor. Filled with jokes, puzzles, and articles that you don’t mind your children being influenced by.

Happy (wholesome) shopping to you!

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