4 Grave Sins That Can Hinder The End-time Revival God TV

4 Grave Sins That Can Hinder The End-time Revival

Church, Position For Revival!

4 Grave Sins That Can Hinder The End-time Revival
4 Grave Sins That Can Hinder The End-time Revival

Revival is in the air, but how do we grasp it and maintain it for the world to experience it? Revival has just begun. But can the anointing for revival keep flowing out of the Body of Christ, which is God’s storehouse for revival? Or can there be a shortage? It sure can, if the church is not willing to change according to the order of God. There are 4 grave sins that can hinder the revival of the nations.

#1 – Pride

Pride keeps the church at bay from experiencing the true benefit of being the Body of Christ. I’m not talking about humility before the world, but it is the ‘Spiritual Pride’ among believers. It is like building a spiritual resume – serving God sincerely for years, Holy Ghost- filled, tongue-talking 24/7, operating in all the gifts of the Spirit. God wants each one of us to walk in these experiences. But He also expects us to be humble in treating each other. Looking down upon a fellow brother or a sister stirs up God’s anger. We are called to respect each other’s anointing, calling, and gifts. Not interrupting when the Lord is using a brother or sister, ushering a new believer to have a deeper relationship with God, and rejoicing in their growth – all of this matter to God to validate if His church is ready for revival.

#2 – Hatred

1 Corinthians 13 lists out a clear distinction between what love is not and what love is. It plainly says, we can have all the good gifts of the Holy Spirit, but if we don’t have the perfect gift of God’s love in us, we are nothing. Verse 3 says, ”Though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.” That sounds scary. Verse 4 continues listing the attributes of true love in which the Lord wants His church to be perfected. It is the love that extends beyond one’s own family, kith, and kin and is ready to suffer alongside a fellow member in His body. To go that extra mile with someone who truly needs it – all of this done very intentionally, expecting no favor or rewards in return is what God expects from His church.

#3 – Gossip

The number one hidden danger within the Body of Christ is gossip. While God hates this to an incomprehensible extent, the enemy loves it. It is like dining with the demons right within the church. Gossip has different sneaky terms today; it is also validated as a form of serving the Lord. They call it ‘the exposing’. But in truth, it is sowing discord among the brethren. It is character assassination, watchdog instinct aimed only at publicity. Greeting with broad smiles, loud Hallelujahs, and big hugs, but being talebearers behind the scenes – where does this behavior line-up with the pre-requisites for revival in our days?

#4 – Division

‘Division’ is the twin of gossip, working hand-in-hand to divide and destroy the church. The church was born out of unity among the disciples as recorded in Acts 2. Unity is essential to chase the devil out of our nations and see God’s move across the world. We want to see angels of God move on our behalf but angels are attracted by unity. Today we disagree with each other about anything and everything. How can the angels fight for us if we fight with each other, thankfully not physically, but in our minds, opinions, and decisions?

The world doesn’t need solely churchgoers, but game-changers that can change the course of history. Today the body of Christ is unable to discern the perfect will of God even over major decisions as to whom to vote for.

These 4 grave sins are signs that the Church is weak. A weak body of Christ cannot give birth to revival. Can there be a person with a strong head and a weak body? If our head is Christ who is Almighty and Powerful, how can we, the body of Christ be weak? This would be a mismatch!

We cannot allow the devil to rejoice over a divided church. Awake Church of God! Stop these 4 grave sins from hindering the work of God. The next great awakening depends on this. It depends on us!

“I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.” (1 Corinthians 1:10 )

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