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4 Time World Series Champ Is Thankful For Prison

'I will turn the darkness into light before them" - Isaiah 42:16

4 Time World Series Champ Is Thankful For Prison
4 Time World Series Champ Is Thankful For Prison

Darryl Strawberry is a Major League Baseball world champion four times over, but his life has not been an easy one.  Throughout his Major League Baseball career Strawberry struggled with cocaine  and sexual addictions and was suspended several times. In and out of rehab, he was desperate for change.  It was prison, according to Strawberry, where he encountered Christ.

In his recent interview with Greg Laurie at the SoCal Harvest Strawberry begins, “God found me in a pit and put me in a pulpit. I’m not even qualified to do that. So God can put you anywhere He wants to put when He wants to put you.”  Strawberry knows this firsthand.  The pit he found himself in was prison.  It was in this pit where Strawberry encountered the love of Christ.

Do you know God or know about God?

Strawberry admits that he knew about God, but that having “Jesus on the inside” is a game changer.  Jesus is the ultimate game changer!  Strawberry also shared the importance of spending time with God, “I think when you get to that place of understanding and you lay with God and you saturate yourself with God, God is going to teach you who you are and why He created you.”

It’s one thing to know all about God, to read the stories in the Bible.  It’s another thing to experience and encounter the God of the universe making Himself real to you.  Darryl Strawberry’s life is an example of God’s transforming power at work on the inside!  A man who was once a drug addict, in and out of rehab, and in trouble with the law is now speaking to audiences about his relationship with Jesus Christ.

Strawberry shares one of the greatest revelations God shared with him, “It is never about you. Once God has saved you it’s about you being redeemed and to go out there and help somebody else.”  These are powerful words coming from a man who had everything, yet today chooses to love God and serve others!

Image Source: Greg Laurie

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