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40 Day Challenge Day #12 – The Fruit Of The Spirit

40 Day Challenge Day #12 – The Fruit Of The Spirit
40 Day Challenge Day #12 – The Fruit Of The Spirit

Jesus exuded love and the miraculous followed. He didn’t focus on his anointing, gifting or ministry. Those things were just what happened as He lived in unbroken connection with Father. His life and heart ‘leaked’ and ‘poured’ the fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis and any ministry or miracle was the outflow and consequence of this.

Maturity, spiritually speaking, is evidenced by an ongoing increase in fruit. It has nothing to do with a gift. By placing more value, even if it’s unconsciously, on gifts and status the church has missed the power that is connected to the fruit!

Where Is Your Focus

John 15:8 – “When your lives bear abundant fruit, you demonstrate that you are mature disciples who glorify my Father.”

Have you fallen into the same trap? What would be different if you were to shift your focus from your gifting? Fruit is something that inevitably appears on a healthy tree. However, gifts are freely and unconditionally given. Gifts are given regardless of the ability of the receiver to use them well.

Kingdom Value

This should have tipped us off as to the Kingdom value placed on the gifts and the fruit of Holy Spirit. It isn’t that the gifts are unimportant – they are! It’s just that they are nowhere near as significant as the fruit. Rrather than focusing on your ministry growing or your anointing increasing, let’s be asking “Am I kinder?”, “Do I bring peace?’ or “Am I wiser?”

We will bless our world, glorify Jesus and find true fulfillment so much more when we display character. The exercising of gifts and ministry from this type of lifestyle is much healthier – for us, but even more so for others!

Have you chased after and cultivated gifts at the expense of the fruit? You’ll never find choice fruit hanging on an unhealthy tree. Rotten fruit doesn’t hang on a good, healthy tree (Luke 6:43).

God is asking us to realign ourselves and to highly prize growing our character with  the attributes listed in Galatians 5: 22:
Divine love expressed.
Joy that overflows.
Peace that subdues.
Patience that endures.
Kindness in action.
Faith that prevails.
A kind and gentle heart.
A strong spirit.

– Navigator Jo

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