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40 Day Challenge #27 – PERSPECTIVE

40 Day Challenge #27 – PERSPECTIVE
40 Day Challenge #27 – PERSPECTIVE

There is an incredible account in the Bible (2 Kings 6:11-17) of an incident that occurred in the life of Elisha the prophet. It brilliantly illustrates the huge impact a change of ‘perspective’ can make. It’s worth reading!
The circumstances and situation (the facts) were unchanged but after looking at things through heaven’s eyes the reality (the truth) was utterly different.

Which do you give greater credence to, the facts or His ‘truth’?

Which reality do you start from – Earth’s or Heaven’s? So often the struggles we have are because we don’t take every thought captive and our reality is overwhelmingly rooted in things that are temporary and earthly instead of an eternal perspective.

Being a child of God and being ‘seated with Jesus in heaven’, means we always have the option to consider His perspective of anything or anyone we encounter. From personal experience I can tell you that this is powerful and transformative!

When you view a picture or photo there is the element of perspective; what is your eye drawn to first, where is the focus? We always have a choice. Do we a) see our circumstances, situation/crisis in the foreground and God somewhere in the background, or b) God looming large and the rest in the background.

A God Perspective

Do you see God through the ‘filter’ of your circumstances or do you interpret and perceive your situation in the revelation of who God is?

This really matters as it affects the level of stress, anxiety, fear we experience.

Often what we consider to be ‘negative’ scenarios or occurrences are things that God utilises to redirect or mature us. The ‘valley’ element or ‘wilderness’ part of our journey is transformative. It’s also essential for the deepening of our connection with God and the refining our character. A ‘God’ perspective can even lead to us embrace those things that stretch, puzzle, pain and challenge us.

Choose the reality of heaven and bring it to earth! We are created and called to manifest the reality of God as we follow the example of Jesus.

“How enriched you become when you are poor, for you will experience the reality of God’s kingdom realm.”(Luke 6: 20)

“Jesus said to the religious leaders, ‘You do all you can to keep people from experiencing the reality of heaven’s kingdom realm.’” (Matthew 3:13)

“When the Spirit comes he will unveil the reality of every truth.” (John 16:13)

– Navigator Jo

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