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40 Day Challenge Day #36 – Our Heavenly Father

40 Day Challenge Day #36 – Our Heavenly Father
40 Day Challenge Day #36 – Our Heavenly Father

We are already looked at what a priority it was for Jesus to be intimately and constantly connected to the Heavenly Father. If this was so important for and to Jesus, then it must be of huge consequence to those who call themselves followers of Jesus.

One With The Father

One of the great passages in the Bible (John 17) reveals that it was a passionate yearning that Jesus had for us to be ‘one with the Father’ just as he was. “The Father and I are one.” – John 10: 30

Our concept of our heavenly Father is significantly affected by our experience of our earthly father, whether this was/is a positive, negative, absent or abusive experience.

Thus, for many believers, their view of, and relationship with their Heavenly Father is distorted, skewed or non-existent. This is the work of the enemy to rob, steal and destroy all the things that we get to receive and experience as children of Father God. The truths I speak I’ve seen and received in my Father’s presence. But you are doing what you’ve learned from your earthly father. (John 8: 38)

Revelation of Sonship

The fundamental revelation that brings breakthrough into the reality of ‘Sonship’ and the ‘Bride of Christ’ is an actual encounter with the amazing heart of love of our Heavenly Father. It leads to a profound depth of intimacy and joy of his presence. It brings freedom from so much that oppresses and depresses us and it enables us to ‘be seated in heavenly places’ and to see things from that perspective.

The exquisite experience of being lost in the bottomless ocean of the Father’s heart of love is indescribable! It’s so important to be open to these joyous times of being held by Abba.

The Trap

Sadly, the concept and teaching of the Father’s heart, although now widely taught, is much less widely experienced. This lays a trap for many. Knowledge of it is utterly different from encountering the reality of Him. Do not mistake the one for the other, please!

Father wants you to experience Him declaring over you the way He did over Jesus, ‘You are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased’.

Hearing that directly from Him changes everything! His love is literally breath taking! Take time out to be still. Sit at the feet of your good, kind, and loving Father in heaven. If you are unsure then ask Jesus to take your hand and introduce you to Him. To know Me is to know My Father. (Matthew 14:6)

I urge you to sit with Father more and more often…

– Navigator Jo


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