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40 Day Challenge Day #11 – Authenticity


40 Day Challenge Day #11 – Authenticity
40 Day Challenge Day #11 – Authenticity

Most people are aware that Jesus lived a God – an honouring, consistent and authentic life when He was here on Earth. However, what has eluded many is that this was the example He set for us His followers.

Authentic Jesus

Jesus was never fake, dishonest or unloving – He was the real deal, always authentic, always Himself. We may think this is unattainable for us and without Holy Spirit in us, it is! However, He is our example and therefore what we should aspire to be.

It is possible because Jesus has made it possible for us. No more masks, no pretending, no “Sunday best”, no pretence and no making it up or copying others. No more religious box ticking, no faking it and no more people pleasing. It’s time to be the “you” that God created!

How To Be Authentic

Philippians 4:8Keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic, real, honourable, admirable, beautiful, respectful, pure, holy, merciful and kind. 

John 1:47 – “When Jesus saw Nathaniel approaching he said, here comes a true son – an authentic man with no hidden motive.

We live in a trend driven world where we often latch on to and take on board something initiated by someone else, especially if its ‘gone viral’. However, the heart of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit is that each individual believer would ‘hear’ ‘see’ and ‘know’ what is personally being revealed to them as an individual.

Three Reasons People Copy

Why do so many adopt someone else’s revelation and then present it as their own? I purpose there are three reasons why people do this:

#1 They don’t realise that there is more to experience and that God wants to personally give them their own revelation of himself.

#2 They want a shortcut to maturity that doesn’t involve any ‘cost’ or sacrifice.

#3 They desire power, status and the adulation of others rather than a deep personal connection with God.

It so breaks God’s heart when He sees this happen. Of course we can be blessed, inspired and helped by what the Lord shows others. However, His yearning is to show you!

Are you listening to His whisper?

– Navigator Jo

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