40 Day Challenge Day #14 – Find Our Way Back To Rest | God TV

40 Day Challenge Day #14 – Find Our Way Back To Rest

40 Day Challenge Day #14 – Find Our Way Back To Rest
40 Day Challenge Day #14 – Find Our Way Back To Rest

It still amazes me how many of the revelations that God gives us seem to be so contrary to the world we inhabit. This is especially true of rest.

The world is so out of sync with the heartbeat and rhythm of the divine. We learn to be busy, to perform and achieve and not have the time to stand still long enough to consider the ‘deeper things’ – anyway that seems like a scary place to go!

Returning to rest

How did we get away from God’s concept of rest? Where did we depart from the Sabbath principle and going to work from a place of rest rather than resting to recover from work?

This is much more about the condition of our spirit, the health of our soul and the state of our mind than it is simply about physical inertia. There are, of course, some habits, practices and words that can facilitate and nurture this perception. However, it always has to start with a real and personal revelation from God to you!

God’s invitation to come and rest

Come into the shelter of my shadow – it’s where all my loved ones find My peace, My rest and My love.
Nothing can disturb, hurt or rob you in the hiding place of My presence. I have given you everything that strengthens your life and readies you for eternity. I care so deeply and passionately for you. Come and rest with Me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Become familiar with Me and you’ll discover that I’m gentle and humble. You will find rest and refreshment in Me. All that I ask of you will be pleasant and easy to bear” – Hebrews 4 :1

Finding our way back

If you struggle with stillness or are someone who is always ‘on the go it will take some time to break through that cycle. It will take time to discover that there is a place of rest. Being in the now and silence are both in our DNA so we need to find a way back to them.

There are, as ever, plenty of methods, programmes and even apps to help you with this. What really matters is that God shows you personally that this is part of His best for you. You can trust Him to take you by the hand and lead you into a deeper and fuller connectivity with Him. Give Him permission and trust Him recklessly!

– Navigator Jo

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