40 Day Challenge Day #19 – Jesus The Iconoclast | God TV

40 Day Challenge Day #19 – Jesus The Iconoclast

40 Day Challenge Day #19 – Jesus The Iconoclast
40 Day Challenge Day #19 – Jesus The Iconoclast

According to the original Greek, “Iconoclast” are smashers of icons and idols as well as challengers of societal or religious norms and conventions.

Conventional approaches do not bind Iconoclast. They are not contrary just for the sake of it. Iconolast strategically employ intelligence that is not driven by the powerful force of the so called institutional imperative. They manage to tune out this ‘insidious imperative’.

Jesus was a Iconoclast

Jesus contradicted the law, but displayed the heart of the Father. Those stuck in the grip of the religious spirit were unable to perceive revelation. This is still true today! Jesus was disturbingly anarchic, alternative and heretical to such an extent that He easily qualified as an iconoclast. This is especially evident in the account of Jesus meeting with the woman at the well  (John 4: 5-27).  He was, in many ways a social and religious ‘outcast’ who mainly ministered to fellow outcasts and who was obsessively hated by those who were skilled and schooled in the law of the Old Testament.

Jesus never directly condemned sinners is disturbing and very thought provoking. Instead He gave them wise and insightful answers and directions. He fiercely and consistently condemned those who were ‘religious’ especially for their hypocrisy and burdening of others with rule keeping. They were outwardly correct but inwardly corrupt. He was ruthless in His criticism of those trapped in religious blindness.


Matthew 21:12-14Jesus drove the religious exploiters from the temple. 

Jesus wants your heart and is not really that bothered about your orthodoxy, rule keeping, religious activities or theology. It is vital for the spirit of religion to be out of our lives. The Holy Spirit is very good at helping us with this, if we allow it…

– Navigator Jo

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