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40 Day Challenge Day #2 – Connection With Jesus

40 Day Challenge Day #2 – Connection With Jesus
40 Day Challenge Day #2 – Connection With Jesus

There is a notable element in how Jesus lived that is remarked upon in all four of the Gospels. He regularly withdrew from being in the company of people to be alone and foster His connection with His Father.

A great example of this behavior is how often we see Jesus slipping away to be alone to pray (Luke 5:16). If Jesus knew the wisdom of doing this then surely we would be spiritually astute to do the same wouldn’t we? Why did Jesus do this when He could have been busy saving and healing people instead? These are good questions to ponder.

Modeling Jesus’ Connection

Jesus explained that He was an ambassador on earth representing His father in Heaven. In order to that He had to know what was in His Father’s heart. This is why He said, “I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has shown me..for I always do what please Him” (John 8:28-29).

Would your mind, heart and life be different if you knew what was in the heart of your Heavenly Father? Do you stop long enough in the hurry of life to know this intimate communion and communication? It is what God wants for you and His heart rejoices when it happens.

This has little to do with study but much to do with the face to face, heart embrace, connection between us and Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. John 17:21 reveals this truth, “I pray Father for them to become one, as you and I are one. I pray that they become one with us.”  This “connectedness” requires us to be intentional, even disciplined at first, but it leads to a glorious rhythm of “entwinedness”.  Being entwined with Father God Jesus, and Holy Spirit in our everyday life brings a new level of freedom, peace and power.

An Honest Look

What would you say is the rhythm of your life in relation to God? Are you locked into routine that is dry and theoretical? Do you catch yourself thinking there must be more than this? Jesus died to redeem you for more than existence and drudgery. You have both a God created identity and a God given destiny!

Heart knowledge is so utterly different from mere head knowledge. Let’s live out of the former rather than the latter!

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