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40 Day Challenge Day #20 – It’s A New Era

40 Day Challenge Day #20 – It’s A New Era
40 Day Challenge Day #20 – It’s A New Era

The arrival of Jesus on Earth heralded a new epoch in history. We are, I believe, being called to transition into yet another new era.

Pioneering A New Era

When a new era arrives only a few people are aware of it. They are those who are wired and called to be the early pioneers. It is this small group who start to carve out a new path on previously untouched land. This creates a visible path for others to pick out. It is then this group who, due to their numbers, giftings and skills, create a more obvious route for the next group to walk on.

The combined journey of all these groups creates a roadway that is secure, tested and safe enough for the rest to travel on should they choose to. Often people who are pioneers are unaware that is who they are. They think it’s just them who are walking this weird, puzzling new road. However, they are creating a path for others to follow. Explorers and discoverers, by very definition go into uncharted territory. If you don’t seem to have a path ahead then it may be that you are creating a new one!

Know Your Role

It’s really helpful to know which one of these people groups you are part of. Pioneers are both misunderstood and annoying to settlers. Conversely, settlers are incredibly frustrating to pioneers. It’s so good to honour each other and especially those in other groups.

Under the tutelage of Holy Spirit, adopt a posture and attitude that will allow you to think original thoughts. From a heart that longs to go deeper and swim in the endless ocean of intimacy with Jesus, be secure in yourself and in God to ask previously unasked questions.

Go For It

Be reckless in your trust in God and your love of others. Covenant with God to take great leaps of faith. Be brave and follow the Spirit’s prompting. Boldly and humbly follow our invisible companion and guide when He whispers, “This is the way”, especially when we have not walked this way before.

We are all a novice on this new path in the new era – there are no experts. Remember, new means NEW!

– Navigator Jo

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