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40 Day Challenge Day #21 – Laying Down Doctrine

40 Day Challenge Day #21 – Laying Down Doctrine
40 Day Challenge Day #21 – Laying Down Doctrine

In order to keep believers from encountering the experiential reality of God the enemy has encouraged God’s people to agree with dishonour. He’s wants to keep believers endlessly debating and argue about who God is, what the Bible means and to live. For many, if not most, this has reduced life in God to an intellectual, analytical process about keeping the rules. It is an incredibly effective strategy that has worked way too well. But it’s all changing for those who will break out of their box and who have the ears to hear what the Spirit is currently saying.

Agreeing With Dishonour

For centuries Christians came together on the basis of doctrinal agreement rather than relationship with the Trinity. Historical atrocities, abuse of power and church splits are shocking legacies that dishonour God to an appalling degree. The venom and vitriol that Christians spew out at each other in this present day are evidence that the same spirit is still at work continuing to dishonour the One we are supposed to glorify.

Many present day Christians display all the hypocrisy and judgement of the Pharisees of Jesus day. They expose what is in their own heart by their harsh, unloving treatment of others. The enemy watches and laughs as those who proclaim the name of Jesus, destroy each other. It is time for this ‘friendly fire’ to cease!

Jesus Is Our Model

Jesus hardly ever engaged in theological or doctrinal debate. When asked a question that was designed to test His theology or trip Him up. He almost always sidestepped and shifted the focus on to the motivation of the questioner.

Why was that? It’s because He is profoundly interested with your heart motivation not with your orthodoxy. He always speaks from a heart of love and doesn’t feel the need to defend the truth. We are learning to read hearts more than debate doctrine – will you join in?

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