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40 Day Challenge Day #23 – Moving On

40 Day Challenge Day #23 – Moving On
40 Day Challenge Day #23 – Moving On

What do we do when God asks us to move on but doesn’t give us a detailed map of the journey ahead?

When Abraham was asked by God to pack up his stuff and leave home he quite reasonably replied, ‘Sure, but where to?’ God then stunned him by saying that He wasn’t going to tell him up front!

Moving on… but to where?

Many thousands of believers find themselves, at this point in history, in a very similar scenario. They know they can’t ‘stay’ but don’t know where to go. Some are feeling pretty hacked off that God is not giving them a detailed map. This is not geographical (necessarily) but more our journey and relationship with Him.

I’m certain we are now living in a new era, which is being heralded from Heaven to those who are listening. There is a restlessness that can’t settle for mediocre anymore and it’s not based in either rebellion or desertion. Is there more?

Have you heard yourself recently thinking “There’s got to be more than this to following Jesus?”

The Only Journey That Matters

God is pushing (coaxing) many of His chicks out of their nests. He wants us to learn to fly as He intended and ‘mature’ into eagles. This involves us coming to a place of such dependence on Holy Spirit that we are happy (content) to be ‘moving on’ without a map (yes really). Maturity for the believer has much more to do with a 24/7 connection with God than with a regular ‘checking in’ with Him at church meetings. Imagine a small child walking with their father – they are not worrying about the destination or obstacles on the way because they are holding the hand of the person they trust.

Think about it! The only journey that really matters is the journey within.

Let me ask you the following: What if this hunger and restlessness comes from God? Why would He allow this? Do you believe you were created to ‘fly’? What does that actually mean for you in everyday terms?

– Navigator Jo

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