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40 Day Challenge Day #3 – Love Is A Heart Thing

40 Day Challenge Day #3 – Love Is A Heart Thing
40 Day Challenge Day #3 – Love Is A Heart Thing

Jesus is amazing! He was able to reflect the heart of His Father even though He had taken on the limitations of being human. John 14:9 reflect this truth, “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” God is not simply able to  love, He is the essence of love.

What God Is

God is love personified. Everything that emanates from Him is birthed in, and an expression of, Love. He cannot act unlovingly. It’s evident from the record of Jesus’ life here on earth, that He too only lived and functioned from this intrinsic position and heart of love.

Since we have declared ourselves to be followers of Jesus, it is to be expected that we too would increasingly think and live from a heart and posture that manifests divine love (Holy Spirit resides in our spirit remember). Jesus said: ‘I tell you the things that I have seen in my Father’s presence so you can do what you hear from Him. (John 8:38)

Living From Love

Living from a heart of love and expressing it in our everyday life is not a utopian ideal we cannot attain. Our union with Jesus, our restoration with the Father and the presence of Holy Spirit in our spirit, makes it an accessible reality. This is incredible!

Is it your personal reality and experience? There is zero reluctance, on God’s part, for you to live in the fullness of this provision. In fact quite the reverse, it’s a yearning in His heart! Where is the disconnect occurring and why? Ask Holy Spirit to show you. This can’t be an abstract theory or concept that we only talk about, but a lifestyle that demonstrates it. Is it showing true love by only loving those who do so in return (Luke 6:32)?

It’s a heart thing not a head thing! What lies at the heart of the Godhead and characterises the relationship in the Trinity? Ask yourself, what was Jesus’ primarily motivation? What is the first command God gives us? When all is said and done, what is left? What is the most used word in the Bible?

The answer is LOVE!

– Navigator Jo

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