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40 Day Challenge Day #5 – A Radical Heart

40 Day Challenge Day #5 – A Radical Heart
40 Day Challenge Day #5 – A Radical Heart

Being a Christian is quite often synonymous with being conservative, risk averse, cautious, slow to adapt to change and set in our ways. This is intriguing, because if you look at the life of Jesus he was pretty much the complete opposite. Jesus had a radical heart and His life was evidence!

Don’t Miss Jesus

People’s opinion of Him when He was here on earth was that He was a radical, revolutionary, non-conforming, alternative, theologically dubious , and irreligious prophet to name a few. They missed the Messiah because of their preconceived ideas, their religious spirit and their jealousy.

Will you ‘miss’ God because of the limitations you place on how, when and where He can express Himself? Let’s not sanitise, sugar coat or conveniently ignore the heart and ministry of Jesus. He spent much of His time with undesirables. What an ungodly term! He spent time with the people who were despised, abused and shunned by society. Look at this man! He is a glutton and a drunkard! Jesus spent all His time with tax collectors and other sinners.  (See Matthew 11:19, Matthew 21:31, Mark 2:16, Luke 19:2, Luke 5:30, and Luke 7:34)

Do You Have A Radical Heart?

Looking at the life of Jesus it cause to raise, an often awkward, question that we each need to answer. Am I following the example of Jesus or am I not?  Ask yourself, honestly, what is my perception of the marginalised in society? What, truthfully, is my heart towards those who blatantly sin or blatantly live in constant sin? Do I feel the need to criticise and correct people who break the “rules”? Or can I, like Jesus, radically reach out in love?

This is a point in history when God is calling us to be fearless, fluid and take risks. Another word for this is faith! Ask yourself, how am I doing with that?

Are you hiding the God-given identity that you have because you are afraid of how others will perceive it? Does your destiny lie unfulfilled because it’s too risky, scary or go against the grain of society? It’s good to ask Holy Spirit to reveal what He sees and answer these questions. There are lives at stake…

– Navigator Jo


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