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40 Day Challenge Day #6 – Finding Identity In Jesus

40 Day Challenge Day #6 – Finding Identity In Jesus
40 Day Challenge Day #6 – Finding Identity In Jesus

Jesus knew who He was. He didn’t have uncertainty about His identity. Jesus was so secure in this that the only affirmation needed was the affirmation of the Father. He didn’t need help finding identity because He was already getting it.

Jesus also remained unswayed by the opinions of other people. There were certainly a lot of strongly held and often harsh opinions of Him and who he was. However, He didn’t waver or get distracted from who the Father declared he was. Wow…think about that!

Finding Identity

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in such close relationship with God that we too are secure in His affirmation of us that we were not adversely affected by other people? That is precisely what God is inviting us into. The greater our intimacy with Him, the more we are finding identity in Him, the more secure we become. We learn to live from a place inside His heart where the enemy’s darts and people’s cruelty slide off like we are Teflon coated. We can sail through frightening storms unruffled as we dwell in this place of closeness with the Father.

The Father’s Heart For You

God created you unique by design. I know that you know this, but does it change how you view things, people and yourself?  Or is it just a nice thought that is tickling your ears? It’s a truth. But is it your personal reality? If its not then it is really of no real use to you.

God give you your identity before time began. The only thing He asks is that we stay faithful to that identity and display it as much as possible with His help. This is how we glorify Him. It’s how we demonstrate His heart and fulfill our purpose on earth. Ask Him who you are before finding identity in other’s opinions of you. What is the unique – the only one in the history of humanity – expression of the Godhead in You?

Finding Destiny

God has planned your destiny. There is no need to spend ages wondering, looking or asking about your destiny. Finding identity and allowing it to surface will naturally cause your destiny to find you. Your purpose flows out of who you are.

The Father declares identity over you just as He did with Jesus, “You are my Son, my cherished one and my greatest delight is in you,” – Mark 1:11!

– Navigator Jo

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