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40 Day Challenge: Discovering Jesus In The 4 Gospels

“Come, follow Me,” Jesus said... - Matthew 4:19

40 Day Challenge: Discovering Jesus In The 4 Gospels
40 Day Challenge: Discovering Jesus In The 4 Gospels

Authentic believers are more ‘followers’ of Jesus than devotees of the Christian religion. Therefore our primary focus, study and motivation need to be focused on the life and example of the person of Jesus. His life is primarily explained in the four Gospels of the New Testament. Hence, this “40 Day Challenge” which is designed to help us to get to Jesus in a deeper way.

40 Day Challenge

This challenge is set up to foster specific time spent reading, studying, and meditating on the life of Jesus for 40 days. Are you ready to read only Scriptures in the four Gospels and focus on the life of Jesus?

How did he live, speak and behave? What did he teach?  Can you identify the rhythms in His life?  Who did He criticise? What motivated Him?  What characterised His actions? These are the things we will discover on our journey through the Gospels.

The Life Of Jesus

Let’s consider a few things. Jesus was an agitator to religious activity, thought and structures. Jesus was an ‘outsider’. He was ‘alternative’ and didn’t fit in.  Jesus associated with very ‘undesirable’ and ‘unsavoury’ characters and was friend of the common people. He lived and loved surrounded by the broken, needy, immoral and sick. Jesus broke religious ‘rules’. He did not tow the religious party line. Jesus was a controversial figure in his society. He brought revolutionary revelation that conflicted with the religious experts.

Jesus owned virtually no possessions. Jesus cared nothing for His reputation. He was a reckless lover of people. Jesus spent significant time alone with His Father. His life was overwhelmingly characterised by love, especially in His communication and dealings with people; except the religious ones).

Will You Embark On The Journey?

Please go on this journey in the company of Holy Spirit and journal all that He reveals to you.

In the light of your journey on this challenge why do you think that so many create or accept a diluted version of the person of Jesus? Stop sanitising Jesus!

Why do so many retain a conservative lifestyle, driven by financial security and a fear of causing offence, when we claim to follow in the footsteps of a radical iconoclast? Is it because to mimic Jesus would carry a cost we consider too high?

Break free from the prison of the need to have a polished religiously acceptable reputation. Let’s live out what Jesus exemplified!

Will you join me on this journey? Day #1 starts Wednesday February 26th!  Let the journey begin…

Navigator Jo

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