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5 Genius DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

5 Genius DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home
5 Genius DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

5 DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

A DIY home improvement project is always an exciting and rewarding experience. Getting your hands dirty once in a while has its appeal. There are never enough interesting hacks that will help redefine your home. Today, more and more people are spending their time at home. A majority of DIY hacks are easy and require no special skills. But, are you making the improvements for decoration or functionality? Each project should be able to incorporate a smart design, support your taste and of course have a unique touch that displays your liking.

So, do you want to take your home to the next level? Then check out these five fabulous DIY home improvement hacks.

1.Broken tile and dirty grout

The bathroom is the one place in a home where you get to enjoy complete privacy and escape from the world. Broken tiles and dirty grouts make all these impossible. Besides cracked tiles and dirty grouts are trip hazards. Cut around a broken tile with a tile saw attachment. If the tile doesn’t give way, use a cold chisel. If a void caused the problem, apply a lever compound and allow it to set. Apply motor to the back of a new tile and set it in place and use grout. Seal the grout line to avoid ugly and dirty color patterns in your precious bathroom.

2.Cement floors

Who said that concrete has to be cold and dull? So why not get creative and redefine your cement floors? Acid staining is a perfect example of giving your floor a stylish covering. Other ways to make cement floors shine include painting, using recycled leather belts and brown paper flooring. Concrete floor improvements are cheap, require minimal effort, and most of all add a unique twist to your home.

3.Improved cutting board/Trashcan

A modified chopping board/slide trash can looks sophisticated but can be easily constructed. To create one, you need two cabinets. Change the top cabinet such that it becomes a side out chopping board and don’t forget the handle. The fascinating aspect of this home improvement is the hole cut 7-8 inches away from the handle. The cabinet below should then be designed to fit a regular trash can. What makes this type of chopping board genius is the efficiency.

4.Slide out narrow cabinets

Believe it or not, convenience in storage can transform even the smallest home into a cozy, spacious, stylish living space for friends and family. Sliding cabinets can be used in the kitchen bathroom, bedroom, and garage. You can decide to make single or multiple sliding cabinets depending on how much space you need to conserve.

5.Furniture Facelift

If your outdoor and indoor furniture are looking dingy but still in functioning shape, there are several kits available to freshen then up. Re-painting is the easiest method to improve old furniture. You can also use foam brushes and rollers to get a smooth finish.

Every homeowner is constantly looking for new DIY hacks to reinvent their home. If you discover that you home requires a few improvements or just moved into a place that needs a new touch, the above DIY hacks can help you improve your home.

Hi there, I’m Ashley Lutz, chief editor at MyComfyHouse.

There is always something that needs to be done around the house. The key, I think, to successful home improvement is knowledge, and that is what I want to bring to you.

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