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Do You Possess The 5 Hallmarks Of A Victorious Christian?

We're meant to live a life of victory...

Do You Possess The 5 Hallmarks Of A Victorious Christian?
Do You Possess The 5 Hallmarks Of A Victorious Christian?

5 Keys To Victorious Christianity

Every born-again, Spirit-filled believer is supposed to live a victorious life in Christ. However, many Christians are barely able to survive the challenges of life, let alone overcome them. That divides us into two categories: a Christian and a Victorious Christian. In which category do you fall in? Here are five hallmarks of a victorious Christian’s lifestyle:

1. He / she celebrates God’s Word

You only celebrate what you value. Victorious Christians place top priority on God’s Word and make it a reference point for all their decisions. They depend on the counsel of God’s Word more than their friends, or people around them have to say, even more than what their minds have to say. They are lovers of God’s Word, and this love only grows more intense with the passing of time.

2. They know how to choose

The choices we make today will determine the amount of spiritual authority we have tomorrow. A majority of believers remain stagnant in their lives even after years of being saved because the choices they make are in the flesh. A victorious Christian does not conform to the choices that the world makes, rather they make a conscious effort to be led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14). They are not only filled with the Spirit, but keep in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25).

3. He / she is flint-focussed towards their vision

This world is in desperate need of leaders who have the vision God has etched upon their hearts. A victorious Christian is not a talker but a doer! They have a divine vision, set tangible goals towards their vision and are good stewards of their time. They keep their mind’s eye on what God has called them to become and make their focus like flint (Isaiah 50:7) They are also humble, hardworking and showcase a spirit of excellence in whatever they put their hands to.

4. They operate in love

Love is the basis of what a victorious Christian says and does. And because it is so, they leave very little room for offence or unforgiveness to take root in their hearts. Freely we receive and freely we must give. They imitate the love of Jesus, displaying the fruit of the Spirit in great measure.

5. He / she guards their associations

A victorious Christian realises that his or her friends can take them closer to God’s destiny for their lives or further away from it. Their attitudes and opinions, like pollen, blow into our lives, shaping our perspective and influence our decisions. And so they surround themselves with people who are on the same mission as they are. They stay away from those who are lovers of the world (James 4:3,4) and stick to lovers of Jesus, those who put their trust in Him and Him alone (1 Corinthians 8:3).


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