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5 Mistaken Mindsets About Healing, Signs And Wonders

We can't get our heads around the impossible. All it takes is for us to believe

5 Mistaken Mindsets About Healing, Signs And Wonders
5 Mistaken Mindsets About Healing, Signs And Wonders

Since I started participating in Healing Nights at Church So Blessed in the Philippines my views on the supernatural have changed. And as Pastor Paul Rapley has tackled different mindsets, I’ve laughed at myself when it’s as if he was describing me. Here are some erroneous beliefs about healing, miracles, signs and wonders that Pastor Paul says will kill your faith as well as some insights of my own.

1. Healing is difficult

I often hear testimonies about tangible miracles, signs and wonders. They get me excited and pumped up to the point that I want to pray for the sick too.  In the past before I could go and pray for people (we went to a city hospital), I felt I need to condition myself first. I thought I needed to have focus and determination. I needed to imagine first that they were healed, because it is said that imagination creates your reality, right? Haha. Ridiculous.

Well, that’s sometimes true though. But I’ve proven that it’s not always true especially when the person I’ve prayed for wasn’t healed! So I thought I didn’t imagine enough. Then I realised my error. It’s was as if I’d placed God’s healing in my head. I felt like my head carried the anointing to heal the sick. I was wrong. Signs and wonders are not difficult; they’re impossible! And so if I rely on my focus, determination, and imagination to witness a tangible healing, then I’m preparing to fail. You see, we can’t get our head around the impossible. All it takes is for us to believe.

“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)

2. Healing is rare

It seems that healing, signs and wonders are becoming rare these days. But it shouldn’t be this way! Because of our mindset that these things are rare, we no longer embrace them as a lifestyle. We accept the fact that it is not a popular subject today and so we make an excuse not to pray for those who need a miracle.

In the book of Acts, we have a glimpse of what we are called to do as Christians. We should be doing these things today. And maybe you rolled your eyes while saying, “Well that was before!” Yes, that was before but what we were promised was to do greater things than those! The miracles that happened in the Early Church are our floor, not our ceiling. It is our stepping stone, a prototype of what it would it look like if the disciples of Jesus would just go outside the four walls of their church.

As a matter of fact, the disciples were not surprised when someone got healed; they were surprised when someone did NOT get healed! (Matthew 17:14-21) Healing, signs and wonders are not rare.

3. Healing should be done by a holy person

Imagine my disappointment when I prayed for someone but he didn’t get healed! I was frustrated and began to think that healing was only possible through a holy person. So I thought, “maybe I need to read the Bible more. Maybe I need to read three times more than my usual reading. And if he doesn’t get healed by then, maybe it’s time for me to fast. Oh wait! Maybe I should start confessing the mistakes I made. And the mistakes I’m not sure if I did. But just to be safe I’ll confess it too. The generational sin too maybe.”

I need tons and tons of faith. Blah blah blah blah. You see, I was that person before. I accounted my good works as the tool to heal a person. But when I went back to the Gospels to see the lives of Jesus’ disciples, it dawned on me that they weren’t living perfect lives either.

Please don’t argue with me that Peter was perfect. He’s exactly the same as your best friend who stabbed you at the back. Don’t tell me that James and John are righteous. What differentiates them from people today who want to destroy others? (Luke 9:51-56) They offered to call down fire from Heaven! When I realized that God used Judas to heal the sick, I was confident that He can use me too.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to demean the apostles. In fact, I am grateful for their lives because they played a role in the prophecies of Jesus coming to pass and why we have the Holy Spirit right now. What I’m trying to say is that we can’t heal people based on performance. It is all by the grace of God and through His name, Jesus. Is your faith in your works, or in Jesus Christ?

4. Healing is not for everyone

Healing, signs and wonders are NOT for elders and pastors only. Of course not! It is for everyone. When Jesus gave us the Great Commission, He didn’t limit it to church leaders. Everyone should participate to it. It should be our normal Christian life.

I remember when I was a new believer, if someone asked me to pray for them I tended to get nervous. In the back of my mind I would say, “Oh wait, can I call Pastor to pray for you instead? Because I am not anointed for these things.”

Now please be reminded that there is no junior Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit that lives in your leaders is the same Holy Spirit that lives in you.

Imagine a dog. A very cute, fluffy, little dog. Imagine him running round and round, chasing  its tail. Let’s all agree here that his tail is his, he owns that tail. But the dog doesn’t see it that way. He thinks that his tail is not his that’s why he chases it non-stop.

So don’t be like a dog that’s chasing something that it already has. Remember that you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are a solution that the world is desperately looking for to solve a particular problem.

5. Healing is an event

I’ve attended events and conferences about the prophetic, healings, signs and wonders and they can be amazing! But what I realized is that we are often mobilized only when a conference happens. This is a sad reality because what was supposed to be an everyday lifestyle became a one-time event in our lives. So if someone asks you to pray for them, don’t wait for a Sunday service to pray for them!

We are the answer. We have the answer, and the world is desperate for signs and wonders. The Church shouldn’t be enclosed in a four-walled building. In fact, a true living Church is going out to the world and executing the signs and wonders of Jesus Christ.

Imagine a person who has a strong, big, spiritual gun. That person is intentionally going out for battle and is ready to declare the goodness of the Lord. But if that person has the mindsets mentioned, it’s like purposely unloading the bullets of his gun. It has no use. It has no power.

I was that person before. So I can very much relate to the mindsets Pastor Paul has described. They are a powerful reminder to us that we have no right to disqualify ourselves to do the works of the Lord. He has qualified us and equipped us through the Holy Spirit. Jesus qualifies us the moment He gave us the Great Commission. He trusted us that much!

So when you pray for healing, signs and wonders, just command it in the name of Jesus. Meditate on how Jesus and His disciples prayed in the Gospels. It’s high time for us to be more confident in things unseen.

This article is written by Le-Jovale Vallejo.

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