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5 Emotionally Healthy Things To Do During Quarantine

Stay happy, healthy, and encouraged!

5 Emotionally Healthy Things To Do During Quarantine
5 Emotionally Healthy Things To Do During Quarantine

A lot of people are feeling trapped in their homes, lonely and even depressed. Instead of focusing on the negative, here are 5 things you can do during quarantine to stay emotionally healthy.

1. Develop your relationship with God

Busy schedules often steal our time with God. During this lockdown, we have no more excuse. Get to know God more intimately through spending time in worship and meditating on His Word. Take these days as opportunity to pray and intercede for the world. Especially in this critical time, prayers are powerful weapons in defeating this crisis.

2. Exercise for body and mind

Staying at home all day every day can make your body and mind feel lethargic. Exercise benefits not just our body but also our minds and spirits.

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3. Enjoy time with family

This is also a great time to get closer with family members. Playing board games, watching movies, and doing a book club or Bible study together will help you bond and have fun. Joy is essential in for mental health!

4. Connect with friends

Social distancing doesn’t mean we disengage with our friends. We can still stay connected through video calls and chats. Staying in touch is important to keep relationships healthy. Check in on your friends and loved ones. We’re all in this together.

5. Learn new things

Having extra time in our hands means extra skill or knowledge we can learn. The internet is full of tutorials for any skill you want. It may be writing, arts, cooking, baking, gardening or playing an instrument. You can take this time to discover what other things you are interested on. Try an e-course from ChristianLearning.com!

Share these tips with someone today and help your loved ones stay happy, healthy, and encouraged!


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