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6 Tips to Make This Year Your Best Yet

Life practices we should all live by

6 Tips to Make This Year Your Best Yet
6 Tips to Make This Year Your Best Yet

Every year on December 31st, people all around the world decide that the end of a year means that it’s time for change. Some desire physical transformation. Some search for mental breakthrough. Some yearn for spiritual resurrection. Some for all three. Unfortunately most of those resolutions are quickly broken. Real change doesn’t come from giving up one thing; it comes from actual lifestyle choices. Whatever it is that you need to work on this new year, here are some tips to help you make this your best year yet.

1. Rise and Shine

Trust me, I know it is way easier said than done, but there are so many benefits to waking up early. Getting out of bed early makes me more cheerful, more productive, and I feel more accomplished. There is nothing as rewarding as having a list full of completed tasks before lunch! Waking up early is pretty easy. All it takes is practice going to bed earlier, and over time, you’ll get used to it and even start to appreciate it! I’ve found that sunrise is actually my favorite part of the whole day!

2. Eat Healthier & Exercise

Everybody hopes that the beginning of the new year means that they’re going to finally fit back into “those” jeans, but we all know within the first two weeks that box of donuts is just way too tempting. As someone who’s tried every crash diet on the market, I’ve found that maintaining a strict diet during the week is not so hard because I am constantly busy. However, the weekend hits and all I can think about is junk. So, instead of getting desperate and binge eating a tub of ice cream, I allow myself one cheat day every weekend. It’s much easier to resist all the other temptations during the week when you tell yourself you can have it on your cheat day. I’ve also learned that exercise doesn’t mean I have to kill myself. Get a Fitbit and get in those extra steps; you’ll be shocked at how little you’re exercising and how much you’re losing weight!

3. Be positive

Negativity is toxic to your mind, spirit, and body so CUT IT OUT! The things that you say and think are much more powerful than you know. Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue…”

What you say and think has a direct connection to what you feel. Speak life into death and life will appear. Change your outlook and change your life.

4. Write things down

I’m a big believer in writing things down – whether it’s my thoughts, goals, or even my passwords. It’s always amazing to be able to reference back to moments when you thought all was hopeless to see how God has been at work in your life. It is encouraging and when you reach another battle, you can look back at what you’ve already overcome. When you write it down, you have something to reference in the future to see how your prayers and dreams were answered – or perhaps thankfully not answered. I’m oh so guilty of saying, “oh I’ll remember, how could I forget that!?” Somehow, I always forget “that!” It’s a simple principle, but so commonly ignored.

Life is easier when you write it down!

5. Leave some things (and some people) in 2018

You can’t walk into 2019 doing the same things you did last year and expect new results. In the same light, you are who you surround yourself with. We all know people make mistakes, and while I believe in loving everyone through their imperfections, there comes a time when someone’s constant drama and negativity will rub off on you if you let them cry on your shoulder too often. Learn to love from afar. If there are people in your life who constantly pull you down, discourage you, or just don’t add any value to your life; leave them in 2018, because this year is going to be way too awesome to let them ruin it. All of the above applies to things and activities. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t improve yourself, no matter how long you’ve been doing it.

6. Start a new Bible Plan

You’re not going to have incredible personal breakthrough in 2019 unless you commit to reading your Bible daily – it has everything you need for everyday life – and a Bible plan or daily devotional will help you with steps 1-5! In today’s world its so convenient too. There are a dozen apps and books out there you can use to stay consistent!

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