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6 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt

Self doubt is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in leadership

6 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt
6 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt

Self-doubt can become a persistent, powerful voice that holds us back from stepping into our legacy!

In over 15 years of coaching leaders, I talk with so many about getting their “swagger” back or possessing a holy confidence. Every great leader possesses “it”! To get there, however, we have to overcome our self doubts.

Let me be your digital coach by giving you 6 Ways To Overcome Self Doubt:

1. Stop being a perfectionist

Consider this: if you can look back and be proud of everything you’ve done…you probably haven’t learned anything. Celebrate your progress. Don’t focus on what you’re not. Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Don’t focus on your failures. Focus on lessons learned. Don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t worry about “excellence.” Focus on consistency and persistence. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be!

Enjoy the journey

Growth and Learning is the real fun of leadership. If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy then. In my new book, Measuring Success, I talk about how the most important choice you can make today is to have joy in your life and to enjoy the journey. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Enjoy the journey not just the destination. Stop beating yourself up. Stop being your worst critic. Believe in yourself as much your God believes in you! You are His child and He has big plans for you!

Do it your way

Counterfeit and copycat leaders are easy to spot and difficult to follow in the long run. Stop being a copycat. Stop trying to be like everyone else. You may need filters in your life that lead you to discover your unique attributes. Dave ramsey says: “If you live like no one else now, you will live like no one else later.” May that be your permission to be the best version of you.

Stop listening to most people

Don’t listen to “most people.” Most people will be armchair quarterbacks, or jealous critics. At the end of the day, you should only be listening to three voices in your life. Listen to people who: love God (makes them others focused); love your VISION (makes them loyal & supportive); and people who love YOU (makes them be honest with you)! Most people don’t fit that criteria, but trusted people do!

Filter your eyes and your mind

You’ve heard the old adage: “Garbage in, Garbage out,” but I don’t believe that’s entirely true. Some garbage stays inside! Filter what you watch, who you listen to, and surround yourself with. Set boundaries around negative people and influences. Hang out with positive people.

Get a Coach

Every leader needs a coach. Someone who’s further along the leadership journey than us, teaching us what they have learned. I can honestly not remember a time when I left a conversation with one of my coaches, when I did not come away inspired, encouraged, and more confident! I simply believe every leader needs a coach, for this, among many other reasons! Get a coach!


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