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7 Years Divorced But God Restores Their Dead Marriage

7 Years Divorced But God Restores Their Dead Marriage
7 Years Divorced But God Restores Their Dead Marriage

A husband who had an extramarital affair got divorced from his wife. But despite the dead marriage, the church and his wife did not stop praying for him. Until seven years later, God spoke to him in an audible voice.

Marriage After 20 Years

Joe and Denise Flynn have been married for 20 years when things started to get rocky in their marriage. Because of being too busy at work, the husband didn’t have time for his family while his wife was busy with their kids. Thus, marriage became stressful for both of them, and they began to feel distant from each other. Although they lived in the same house, they had separate lives.

The distance and loneliness Joe felt at home led him to have an affair with someone else. Denise discovered it, which ultimately led to a divorce. The couple separated for several years, and everyone would say their dead marriage was beyond repair.

Meanwhile, Joe didn’t care about the mess he caused and instead chased happiness in other things, including money and different relationships. But later on, he found out it only made him happy for a short time.

Amid Divorced Life

While amid years in a dark place, Joe’s home church never stopped praying for him and his wife.

One day, Joe realized he had lost everything. He hit rock bottom—had no money left, got in debt, and went through anxiety and depression. Then a close friend invited him for a men’s meeting. There, he heard about the Gospel and accepted Jesus in his heart. His relationship with God started there, and God began to work in a dead marriage.

Seven years later, Denise called Joe to have a meeting with him in a restaurant. The ex-wife told him that a man was pursuing her at church. Then Joe started crying uncontrollably and instead asked Denise to date him again, but she declined.


After that conversation with Denise, Joe kept praying to God. Until one night, he prayed with all his heart and told God, “God, I surrender with all my heart for restoration of my family.”

Then on June 7, 2014, Joe woke up at five in the morning and felt a great peace that surpasses all understanding. Then God’s audible voice spoke to him, “Get up and go see Denise.” He followed the voice, got dressed, and drove towards Denise’s home. That’s when God brought back to life the marriage of the divorced couple which was dead for over seven years.

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