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8 Bands You Didn’t Know Have Deep Christian Roots

8 Bands You Didn’t Know Have Deep Christian Roots
8 Bands You Didn’t Know Have Deep Christian Roots

These days there are many Christian bands and worship groups who have infiltrated into mainstream music despite their label as a Christian music group. However, there are many bands and musical artists who have also used their Christian faith to have a deep impact on society despite not being labeled as a Christian group.

Many of these bands will probably surprise you as they did for us! Keep reading below for eight different bands that you may not have realized were Christian.

#1: Lenny Kravitz

A devout Christian, Lenny Kravitz’ faith has not only impacted his personal life, but his music as well. The American rock singer-songwriter wrote the song “Are you Gonna Go My Way” about Jesus with the lyrics of “I was born long ago. I am the chosen, I’m the one. I have come to save the day and I won’t leave until I’m done.”

#2: U2

The Irish rock band U2 led by Bono has never been quiet about their faith in God. In fact for awhile many questioned whether U2 would be able to pull off the combination of being both Christian and a rock band in the secular world. However, since the band first formed in 1972, the group has not only maintained their strong faith, but also continued to create powerful music with spiritual aspects.

#3: Switchfoot

Though the five members of the band Switchfoot are all Christ-followers, they insist that they do not fall into the Christian faith genre. Despite their denial of the Christian label, the band has played at Christian music festivals, with their music playing on Christian radio stations and appearing on Christian music charts.

#4: Underoath

Completely opposite of Switchfoot, the heavy metal band Underoath is not as widely known in the Christian music world. However, despite this, the members of the band have been open about their faith since the beginning, sharing it not only in their music but also through talking to fans at concerts.

#5: Kings of Leon

Along with their cousin Matthew, the three Followill brothers Caleb, Nathan, and Jared are all sons of a United Pentecostal Church preacher. In 1999 they formed the band Kings of Leon with a secular label, but their faith is very evident in most of their music with the theme of redemption covered as a topic in many of their songs.

#6: P.O.D.

The band P.O.D., which stands for Payable on Death, have proclaimed their faith and shared their testimonies both in their music and also while on tour at their concerts. Frontman Sonny Sandoval leads the Whosoevers ministry which works to spread the Gospel and Christ’s message of love to youth around the world.

#7: Evanescence

When Ben Moody and Amy Lee first founded the band Evanescence in 1995 they started out primarily in the Christian rock world with song lyrics that focused on religious themes. During this time their music was more easily found in Christian music shops. It wasn’t until later that the band hit success in the secular world.

#8: Lifehouse

Before Jason Wade became the lead vocalist of the rock band Lifehouse, he and another band member played worship music at their church and were a part of the youth group. Many Lifehouse songs are filled with lyrics that speak about the impact that Jesus can have on your life and the full love of God.

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