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83-Year-Old Customer Fights Off 3 Armed Robbers

The whole ordeal was recorded on camera!

83-Year-Old Customer Fights Off 3 Armed Robbers
83-Year-Old Customer Fights Off 3 Armed Robbers

An 83-year-old customer fights off three armed robbers who suddenly barged into a store.

83-year-old customer

The 83-year-old Denis O’ Connor was in the right place at the right time when the attempted robbery happened. One Saturday evening, Denis was in Bar One Racing just outside Cork, Ireland when three armed young men suddenly barged in the store.

The robbers were in their teens or early 20s wearing hooded sweatshirts. Two of them were holding a hammer and one of them held a shotgun. The two fearlessly attacked the manager demanding money from the safe, while the one holding the shotgun held up the customers.

Denis O’ Connor

It just so happened that one of the store’s customers at that time was a courageous elderly man. As seen in the CCTV footage of the event, as the robbery started, Denis was seen trying to get near the person who was holding the gun.

But when he noticed the two people harassing the manager behind the counter, he quickly entered the scene to help. Denis fought off one of the robbers and chased two of them out of the store with a chair. The remaining robber was tackled by the manager who gained the courage to fight after seeing how Denis fought two others off.


In the end, all of the attempted robbers ran out of the store without hurting anybody. The elderly man from Glanmire is being hailed as a hero for stepping up during the frightening scene. According to the store manager, Murphy, Denis did what he did because of their friendship.

“He is a lovely man. I know him well,” Murphy said. “I know him so well he came to my aid. He wasn’t looking after the bookies, he was looking after me. I could never thank him enough.”

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