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9 Reasons Why the Thailand Cave Rescue Was Miraculous

Jesus is still in the miracle business today!

9 Reasons Why the Thailand Cave Rescue Was Miraculous
9 Reasons Why the Thailand Cave Rescue Was Miraculous
We could see the Hand of God on the miraculous ‘Great Escape’ of the ‘Wild Boar’ youth football team, but now it has been confirmed by missionaries serving in Thailand.

The unknown and extraordinary details of the miracle Jesus did in Thailand in recent days:

1. The boys and their football coach were found and rescued in the most impossible of situations.

2. The rope the British diver was using to guide them into the cave ended, so he went up to catch air and at that moment he found the boys sitting in front of him! He said that if the rope was longer, it would have continued underwater and he would not have found the boys and their coach!

3. Only one of the boys knew English and could communicate with the British diver. He is the only Christian in the group and he learned the language through a missionary project that takes place in his small church.

4. The monsoon rains held off during the rescue mission for three days and did not hamper the operation, although it rained in surrounding areas.

5. As soon as the last diver left the cave (after all the boys were safe) the pump that was pumping out water from the cave broke (It would have been a disaster if this had happened before the rescue was complete!!!)

6. It rained all morning following the rescue and the cave is now completely flooded.

7. All the boys were rescued and are in surprising health, which has baffled the Buddhist doctors. “We do not know how to explain this” they said.

8. The rescue action required people working together through linguistic and cultural barriers. Important decisions were made in consensus to see the plans were implemented. The rescue is a credit to the excellent work and determination of a team made up of so many different people and nationalities. The only Brazilian volunteer in the operation was the missionary, Tati Araujo, who translated conversations between the English and Thai divers, authorities and foreign military.

9. The Church of Jesus Christ throughout the world, united to cry to God for His intervention in the impossible plight of these young men. Disciples from every corner of the earth prayed, hoping that the Lord could make the impossible happen… and it did!

Without doubt, God made this miracle that the world witnessed and that has touched so many people’s hearts! Now is the time to celebrate the power and grace of God, who, unlike the Buddhist rites, did not need offerings or sacrifices, but in love, He launched Himself once more in history to rescue those who were lost.

May our response be gratitude and worship to the only God who has all the power in His resurrected hands.

This article was written by Ben and Kiesha Jones who are missionaries to Thailand from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. They aim to draw the impossible out of people, inspiring them to fulfil the dreams and the visions that God has put inside them.  •  Graphic: Nicole Rerk, Shutterstock

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