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9-Year-Old Ministry Leader Also Became Her Mother’s Spiritual Mentor

"From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise” - Matthew 21:15-16

9-Year-Old Ministry Leader Also Became Her Mother’s Spiritual Mentor
9-Year-Old Ministry Leader Also Became Her Mother’s Spiritual Mentor

The tragic death of this woman’s husband became an opportunity for her 9-year-old ministry leader daughter to become her encourager and spiritual mentor.

Marcela was a rebellious and a disrespectful child, according to her mother Jahaira. However, her life changed when she met Christ at seven years old.

Compassion International Ministry

Apparently, a Christian nonprofit organization built a child development center near their hometown in Ochomogo, Nicaragua. So with hopes that it would positively influence Jahaira’s daughter, she enrolled Marcela in the program. And truly, it did!

Photo | Compassion International
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Through Compassion International, the 7-year-old’s life shifted. Her tough demeanor turned into a respectful, disciplined young lady who loved studying God’s Word. She became a leader in the children’s ministry at her church and was happily active in church activities.

But then one day, an unexpected tragedy struck their family. Marcela’s father suddenly died in a car accident. Her mother was devastated.

The Tragedy

Marcela’s father was the sole breadwinner of the family. And so with their father’s sudden passing, they were faced a great struggle. This made her Jahaira’s sadness grow into despair, even to the point of not getting out of bed. She just wanted to die.

“I asked the Lord how we were going to continue without my husband. I didn’t know what to do, or how I was going to support Marcela. I didn’t see a way out,” Jahaira recalled.

When the Compassion staff heard of the tragic news, they immediately took action. They visited Marcela’s home on a daily basis. But soon the staff realized, “God had already sent Jahaira a wise counselor in the form of a child.”

Faith Of A Young Ministry Leader

The 9-year-old showed wisdom and maturity despite her young age. The staff witnessed how she shared words of consolation and encouragement to her mother. They saw her unshakeable faith in God which enabled her to support her mother in her time of need.

Photo | Compassion International

“I told my mom that God loves us and that even if the situation is difficult, He is still with us. I told her His will is perfect and that I trust He knows what He has in store for us,” Marcela said.

Whenever the staff visited Jahaira’s home, they were always welcomed by the sight of Marcela encouraging her mother with the Word of God.

Hope Amidst Depression

However, there were also times when Jahaira continued down the path of depression despite her daughter’s prayers and encouragement. She even discouraged her from going to church so she wouldn’t have to be alone.

“I would tell her to stay with me, to keep me company,” she said. “But she told me she wanted to go because she said it was the Lord who gave her strength, and she couldn’t miss time at the church or Compassion center.”

Today, by God’s grace, both Jahaira and Marcela are recovering from the brokenness of losing a husband and a father. The hopelessness turned into joy and praise because of Marcela’s faithfulness to her Lord and Savior.

Although the mother is still grieving the loss of her husband, she praises God for her daughter’s life.

“I have learned that the Lord is merciful, and He is always with us, even when we have no hope or when we don’t understand His will. Every day, I ask the Lord to grant me strength to continue going to church, to continue praising Him and to allow me to help others. I want to share the love of God with other children who need to hear that He loves them and will never abandon them.”

Source: Faithwire

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