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90-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor Testifies: ‘I Could Feel God’s Presence’

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90-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor Testifies: ‘I Could Feel God’s Presence’
90-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor Testifies: ‘I Could Feel God’s Presence’

Defying scientific studies declaring that the elderly are most likely to succumb to the COVID-19 pandemic, one 90-year-old survivor testifies how God miraculously healed her from the disease.

Geneva Wood, a COVID-19 survivor from Kirkland, Washington was at Life Care Center suburban nursing home when the pandemic spread. It is the place where the country’s first outbreak of the novel coronavirus began, Christian Headlines reported.

COVID-19 Survivor

Apparently, the 90-year-old was staying at the nursing home as she was recovering from a stroke. And when she was just a few days from returning back home, the pandemic outbreak began. The facility then went lockdown to observe precautionary measures against the virus. However, things got worse when suddenly, three days later, she “experienced a spiking fever.”

“I didn’t know that I had the virus until I had the virus. I had no symptoms of it before,” Geneva told CBN News.

Testimony Covid-19 survivor

Nearing Death

According to KIRO7, her health condition was severe, even to the point of preparing for death. And doctors advised her family should come to say goodbye.

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Cami Neidigh, Geneva’s daughter, recounted the heartbreaking moment. She narrated how her mom reached out to them through a pane of glass. And how she wanted “to hug her mom one last time” while wearing full protective gear.

“I knew that I was leaving with peace and that I wanted them to know that I loved them and enjoyed them,” Geneva shared while in tears.


But far from what everyone had expected, the loving mother started to “experience gradual improvement” every day. And she woke up one day having been totally recovered from the deadly virus. She was discharged from the hospital 19 days later. Geneva attributes her miraculous healing solely to God and testifies it now to the world.

“If it hadn’t been for my faith in God and my family and their prayers and all their families and the church and everything … the faith and prayers pulled me through,” she explained.

Then the faithful believer shared her near-death experience while in isolation. Moreover, how God’s presence embraced her and comforted her amid the pain.

“I could feel God’s presence. His hands were on my body and I could feel His presence. And I’d wake up and I could feel these hands and I’d go back to sleep,” Geneva remembered. “Through the night, ’cause I’d wake up, I couldn’t see His face, but I could feel His hands and I knew He was with me and I made it through the night.”

She continued saying, “Until you’ve felt God’s presence and His hands on you, it’s something else. If it hadn’t been for Him, I couldn’t have done it. And I wasn’t alone because He was with me all the time.”

Also, Geneva mentioned “one special” doctor who gave her a Bible. She said he would read to her favorite Bible verse daily.

“At first all I said was Psalm 23, but he would read to me every morning,” she recounted.

The Wood family consider Geneva’s healing as a miracle. And Geneva shares advice to anyone else battling COVID-19. She said, “Don’t give up hope. God is always there and put your trust in Him and lean on Him and give your life to Him. And you’ll make it, but you’ve got to not give up hope and fight.”

Source: Christian Headlines

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