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A Christian Perspective On Fear And Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are evil partners, but the Holy Spirit is alive and in us and we have the power to overcome

A Christian Perspective On Fear And Anxiety
A Christian Perspective On Fear And Anxiety

The first time someone ever told me about anxiety attacks, I wasn’t entirely sure what they were talking about. I remember saying to the Lord, “I don’t want this and I know together, we can keep it together.” Long story, short I couldn’t keep it together…  This was my first encounter with Fear and Anxiety.

Then, I remember the Lord whispering to me, “Anti-depressants,” and I said, “NO! That’s a NEGATIVE.” and He said “It’s temporary: I’ll pull you out of this you know how we do.”

And that was it. It took a lot of convincing to get me to go on medication and I know some of you would disagree with the Lord’s approach to this, but it wasn’t about me or what people said. It was about what He wanted for me and the rest of the Kingdom that we (me and Holy Spirit) would impact.

Do not be afraid

Here’s what we’ve learned from this journey thus far. Wait for it… Do not be afraid! God is with you! Fear and anxiety are pesky little demons. How they work is as follows: fear is not from God hence when you allow fear to enter it brings along anxiety.

The thing about anxiety is that it partners with fear and what would normally be something simple turns into a huge fear-driven anxiety episode. In fact, fear amplifies anxiety. Your fears are what gives anxiety, its power.

Overcoming fear and anxiety

The way to overcome anxiety is to NOT let the fear in… easier said than done. And you are probably thinking, “That’s impossible.” Well, I have three words for you: “I AM Possible.” God will help you – that’s just who He is. He will make the impossible, possible because He is the great “I AM”.

Who wants to rob anxiety of its power by allowing God’s perfect love to eradicate all fear!? I do!

Fear and Anxiety

For it is ONLY the Lord, who can and will deliver you from this! Trust Him with this, for He will walk you through it step by step even if you have to be on medication temporarily.

How do we activateGod’s perfect love that the Word frequently speaks about? Seeking Him first in everything thing we do. You can start off slowly because slow and steady wins the race and start picking up speed when the Holy Spirit, instructs you to do so.

God bless you and do not be afraid!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

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