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A Cloud Shaped Like A “Thumbs Up” Encourages College Students

"I had been feeling very low, but after I saw that cloud I felt much happier"

A Cloud Shaped Like A “Thumbs Up” Encourages College Students
A Cloud Shaped Like A “Thumbs Up” Encourages College Students

An anxious College student from Guangdong, South China, spotted an optimistic cloud formation in the sky – a cloud shaped like a “thumbs-up”!

Upon looking at the clouds, her mood immediately shifted and she became significantly more optimistic about her life and her studies.

Heaven’s encouragement

Whether its Heaven’s way of encouraging us or a simple coincidence, all that matters is that this cloud formation certainly blessed a lot of people.

Last June, in Shao Guan, China, an anxious Chinese university student was studying for her exams when she looked up and noticed a cloud above her shaped just like a thumbs-up.

Like many hard-working students at the time, she was stuck in a cycle of worry:

“I had been feeling very low, and after I saw the cloud I became much happier,” the student posted to the Chinese social media platform, “Pear”.

“I was so excited.” She added.

The encouraging photo goes viral

The university student shared the photo of the “thumbs-up” cloud on her social media account where it went viral, and many people commented agreeing that it was a sign of divine encouragement.

Comments starting popping up like:

“You photographed the ‘Like’ cloud, so it means you will do well on your exam!” said one user.

“I, too,  feel confident about my exam after seeing this picture.” said another university student.

What a fun and mysterious discovery. Though it’s impossible to tell whether it was a matter of God or science, the internet loves the “thumbs-up” cloud and is taking it as a personal encouragement.

God is the God of peace, even in the midst of homework, exams, and pursuing higher education.

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This article was written by: Joyca Lorriene

Reference: MSN News


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