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A Daily Devotional Guide to Effective Study of the Word

The right devotional can help you stay connected with God’s Word

A Daily Devotional Guide to Effective Study of the Word
A Daily Devotional Guide to Effective Study of the Word

While reading the Bible is beneficial, if you are not getting much out of it, you may need to change your approach. A great way to learn the meaning of what you are reading is a daily devotional guide. Each person has different spiritual needs, and this can change from moment to moment. What works for you today may not necessarily work for you later in life. This daily devotional guide is to help you narrow down topics that will assist you in studying God’s Word to get more out of it than just general Bible reading can.

While there are many resources out there for digging into the Bible, this daily devotional guide includes two popular sites for men, women, and teens.

Daily Devotional For Men

In a world that is rapidly seeing the demasculinization of men, it is no wonder families are being torn apart. When it becomes the norm for men to be fearful of taking a stand, or worse, when men no longer fear taking a backseat, the future suffers. Our children, our jobs, or church, our families all suffer the ramifications of a leadershipless society.

Men, it’s time to get back into His Word.  And there is no better way than spending time with the perfect example; Jesus. Let a daily devotional guide you into a deeper presence with Christ. Allow it to change your life day by day. There are great devotionals out there that are specifically targeted to men and how they need to assume the role God designed for them.

Five Star Man – Neil Kennedy encourages men to live up to their God-given potential. Not only in their family life, but for the entire body of Christ. He challenges men to live authentic lives, throwing off all the new characteristics modern society is throwing at them.

Husband Revolution – Aaron Smith is a husband, father, and men’s minister. He dives into tough subjects that many ministries are afraid to discuss. The main thrust behind God’s message through him is to never give up. His wife, Jennifer, also has a ministry for women, which we will see later.

Daily Devotional For Women

God has given women a unique place in this world. While history and culture have put them in a lower position, God has always esteemed them. Their importance in the Gospel has been just as important as a man’s role, in some cases, more. In our daily devotional guide, we have two amazing ministries for women that give honor to their calling.

Proverbs 31 Ministries – Lysa TerKeurst shares her experiences with women. The life she has led ministers to women everywhere, in all walks of life. Her ministry surrounds the Proverb that gives Biblical instruction to women on how to live the life God has given them.

Unveiled Wife – Jennifer Smith, the wife of Husband Revolution’s Aaron Smith, approaches wives much like Aaron approaches men. She shares the female point of view on parenting, being married, and ministering to the world around us. A perfect compliment if the husband is keeping up with Aaron’s ministry.

Daily Devotional For Teens

Teens are just miniature adults. As parents, we can still view them as kids. But if we never adapt to them growing older, we both will suffer through anxious attachment. It is important to train them up. Proverbs 22:6 is very clear that if we get them started young, they will stick to the path laid out. Yes, some may rebel, but they will have the base when they chose to come home. A couple of sources in our daily devotional guide for teens are:

Lifeway Young Adults – Lifeway is a Bible study resource hub. They make many Sunday School study guides. This branch of the ministry serves Teens and Young Adults. They provide devotionals, blogs, and other resources for living directed that the next generation.

Student Devos – Helps and encourages teens in their walk with Christ. They cover a wide range of topics through daily devotions, testimonies, and blog articles. They reaffirm that even teens can do amazing things for God.

Daily Devotional Guide – Final Thoughts

All these resources in our daily devotional guide have websites and social media presence. You can visit them and sign up for emails, notifications, or like their pages to receive a daily dose of God’s Word. The best part is that no one has to weed through what does not apply to them. Each ministry targets a particular group, giving them words of encouragement and challenges that are directed at them. This daily devotional guide will get you started in discovering what God says to you, and specifically you.

Written by Jeff S. Bray

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