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A Daring Message Of Hope And Healing For Struggling Relationships

Kerry Cole offers nuggets of truth for our over-sexualised society

A Daring Message Of Hope And Healing For Struggling Relationships
A Daring Message Of Hope And Healing For Struggling Relationships

Today’s relationships can be hugely complex especially if a couple is dealing with issues of brokenness in the areas of worth, identity and intimacy.

Author, Kerry Cole loves to bring awareness of how life’s trauma, wrong motives and decisions can open up ‘doors’ within the human soul that lead to dark places of struggle, torment and destruction. Equally, she draws awareness to the very real hope and freedom available to us. We can come out of those dark places into the greater power of light and the unconditional love of God.

We can leave the darkness behind

If you’re looking for a great, easy-to-read book that will not just entertain but speak deep truths into relational issues, check out Exit Darcus. There is life treasure to be found in this book.

Kerry is the wife of one of our trustees at GOD TV, Chris Cole. She and Chris minister insightful wisdom into relationships and this novel reflects those precious nuggets of truth. A bold and daring message of hope, healing and freedom, is creatively presented in a fast-paced, mysterious storyline.

The novel explores themes so relevant to today: full of the bitter-sweetness of life’s dreams and disappointments and yet with a twist to the story which opens up hope. The characters we meet are those we will so easily recognise all around us. The way Kerry has written about their lives, makes you believe you are part of them.

You feel their pain, identify with their struggles and as a consequence, you find yourself examining your own heart and life. You will be drawn to come before God in honesty and transparency. You will be left in no doubt, that God wants nothing more, than to live in a full relationship with the people He made. The book shows, in a beautiful way, that no matter how much we mess up, God wants us to come to him with all our ‘brokenness’

This exciting, powerful message makes for compelling reading. It’s occasionally dark yet sprinkled with humour. Cleverly-crafted, it creates an immediate empathy with the main character so that the reader’s engagement with the story becomes almost personal.

Not your usual boy meets girl tale

Far from the usual boy meets girl tale, this is a book full of surprises, just as you think you have figured out where it’s going, another dimension opens up. While the book explores the reality of spiritual realms and their influence on our lives, it also delves into the complexity of modern relationships.

Several people say it’s a book they wished they’d read as a teenager, as it opens your eyes to a whole different way of relating to each other, rather than the one usually expressed in romantic novels.

It is definitely thought-provoking, exploring themes so relevant to today. It looks at choices and effects and the characters we meet are gritty and authentic.

This unusual, hard-to-put-down novel is highly recommended for people who may have some knowledge of God but struggle with putting Him first because of brokenness in the areas of worth, identity and intimacy. It’s really a new version of old truths, with a fresh healthy message for our over-sexualised society, plus sun, surf and spirituality!

In addition to Exit Darcus, Kerry is the author of The Purple Veil, which represents the allure of ungodly relationships and sexual sin.  She believes we have to move beyond this veil into the light if we truly want to be used of God. Through these books Kerry offers deep insight into the whole area of relationships.

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