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A GOD TV Show Shines the Light on the Love of Christ

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A GOD TV Show Shines the Light on the Love of Christ
A GOD TV Show Shines the Light on the Love of Christ

In an age where there is nothing good on television, GOD TV airs uplifting and Christ-centered content. Through streaming on GODTV.com or through GOD TV channel 365 on DirecTV, you can find a daily lineup of spiritual programming. In addition, there is access to on-demand content on GODTV.com. So, there is something for everyone: A GOD TV show on spiritual growth, prophecy, family matters, and more.


GOD TV Show: About Spiritual Growth

The heart of GOD TV is spiritual growth. So, we challenge believers daily across the globe to grow in Christ. Here is just a sample of what GOD TV has to offer viewers.

    • God is For You – GOD TV show where Pastor David Blunt of Church on the Rock in St. Peters, Missouri shares insights into the Bible. He aims to inspire believers to grow in their relationship with God and service to others.
    • Changing Your World – Dr Creflo and Taffi Dollar of World Changers Church in Atlanta, GA present challenging messages from God’s Word for believers understand grace and empower change in their daily life.
    • Walking by Faith – GOD TV show in which Duane Vander Klok of Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Michigan helps viewers connect with God in their daily lives through practical and relevant messages.
    • Questioning God – A safe place to have a dangerous conversation. A program designed to ask the questions Christians wonder about, but never dare ask. Then a panel examines the Word and engages in an honest and productive conversation about it.
    • In Touch Ministries – GOD TV show featuring Charles Stanley of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia using his wealth of experience to challenge viewers to apply Biblical principles to their daily life.

GOD TV Cares About the Family

Faith and ministry begin at home. That is to say, when we build strong families, we will change the world. GOD TV extends the outreach of spiritual growth to family life. They target ministries that challenge parents in bringing up a generation of believers.

    • Alpha Parenting Children The Parenting Children Course was developed in 1990 by Nicky and Sila Lee for parents and caregivers looking for practical support to strengthen their family relationships.
    • Alpha Parenting Teenagers – Developing parenting skills for teens. Nicky and Sila Lee bring fresh insights and time-tested values to parenting. They employ clips from experts, parents, and teenagers sharing personal experiences.
    • Family Time – South African Evangelist, Angus Buchan of Shalom Ministries delivers practical insights to help build stronger homes in a five-minute format.
    • The Mum Show – The Mum Show offers grace-filled advice for young mothers. Marina Magdalena of the Promise Collective; child therapist, Emma Browne; and Life Church leader, Clare Hooper tackle the joys and travails of modern family life.

GOD TV Show: Prayer and Testimony

Not only does GOD TV help spiritual growth, they have a heart for prayer for the saints. For example, we encourage praying and lifting one another in the name of Christ. Then publicly giving him the glory for the work He does in and thorough believers across the globe.

    • Prayer Time – GOD TVs Regional Directors: Fergus Scarfe, Marcel Olivier, Thomas Robinson, and others offer daily encouragement to viewers. They also respond to prayer requests, and share scripture verses.
    • Testimonies – GOD TV viewers share their personal testimonies about how God has impacted their lives.
    • Today with Ward – GOD TV’s President and CEO, Ward Simpson presents updates on GOD TV’s global activities, new programming, and special events. Each broadcast takes viewers into a deeper and closer relationship with God.
    • Throne Room PrayerLila and her special guests on Throne Room Prayer trust God to transform lives, family, and communities through intercessory prayer.
    • Prayer Room – The Prayer room is a 24/7 worship experience that helps prepare the heart and mind of the believer.

GOD TV Show: Focus on Israel

Above all, the primary focuses of a GOD TV show is the ministry in the nation of Israel. Israel is God’s chosen people. Therefore, the events in their country are pivotal history, and the future of the world.

    • Love IsraelDr Baruch Korman of the Zera Avraham Institute presents biblically-based teaching with an emphasis on the Jewish context of scripture.
    • Out of ZionMessianic pastor, Ron Cantor, delivers a daily devotional from Israel. He helps viewers discover the Land of the Bible, its historic sites and explains scripture from a Jewish perspective.
    • Vision for IsraelFounder Barry Segal speaks about Israel and Middle Eastern culture.
    • Jewish VoiceRabbi Jonathan Bernis, founder of Jewish Voice Ministries provides insights into the Jewish roots of Christianity, Bible prophecy, and world events surrounding Israel.

GOD TV Show: About Prophecy

The present state of our spiritual walk enables us to take part in the future glory of God. A GOD TV show about prophecy helps prepare the believer, and they can know what to expect from an uncertain future.

    • Lion and the Lamb Dr David Reagan and Nathan Jones review today’s events in light of Bible prophecy as the Church expectantly awaits the Christ’s Second Coming.
    • Apocalypse and End TimesPaul McGuire discusses Bible prophecy with experts on religious views of the apocalypse and end times events from Pre-trib to Post-trib. He offers differing perspectives on what Scripture foretells, equipping believers to be ready for Christ’s return.
    • Elijah List MinistriesSteve Shultz of The Elijah List features today’s current prophetic voices sharing prophecies, supernatural experiences, and miraculous testimonies.
    • God Knows Dr Cindy Jacobs presents the prophetic voice of God to individuals, cities, and nations.

GOD TV Show: Today’s Message

Certainly, this entry would be endless if I were to include all the programming choices GOD TV offers visitors. GOD TV not only offers on-demand spiritual content, we offer a wide range of other ministries. Much like the blog you are reading now, we have many topics to encourage, challenge, and inform the believer. It is important to know what God is doing in the lives of Christians around the world.





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