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A Letter To My Amazing Grandchildren

A little wisdom goes a long way!

A Letter To My Amazing Grandchildren
A Letter To My Amazing Grandchildren
As the grandmother of a teenage girl about to graduate high school, I know she is getting questions like, “What are your plans? What do you want to be?” When she was little she was SO excited with every new birthday: ” I have been 1 and 2 and 3 but I have NEVER been 4 before!” (Insert her gleeful hand clap and happy dance)! Her zest for life was unmatched, and you know what? It STILL is. This is my letter to her, to my two granddaughters graduating college next year, to my 3 teenage grandchildren in high school, and to the two toddlers who couldn’t care less about tomorrow. All that matters to them is TODAY and RIGHT NOW.


Dear Amazing Grandchildren of Mine,

Who you become when you grow up has much more to do with who you already are. We all have a core being: the soul we come with that makes us unique and one of a kind. God sends us to Earth already knowing our name and our purpose and what we can become if we allow the journey of life to mold us and shape us. There is something about understanding THIS that will help you be more reflective and selective in your decisions and choices.


You currently live in a culture that badgers you every day to be part of the cookie cutter phenomenom. You DO know it IS true that if one sheep jumps off a cliff ALL the others will follow. Don’t. Be. Like. Sheep. That was never God’s plan for humans. He made us unique with a special purpose only we can accomplish. He gave us gifts and talents by which to have a voice. That might include singing, playing an instrument, writing, counseling, nursing, filming, farming, technology, photography, the military, sports, and a million other gifts and talents I already see blooming.

Life will be your best teacher on your journey IF you let it. IF!

IF you don’t view things as unfair, and you don’t let bitterness take root when the GPS takes you the long way around…IF you stay on YOUR course even when others bid you to come down their road…IF you stay true to that inner voice that says, “THIS is the way – walk ye in it”…IF you put in the effort, the work, and the blood, sweat, and tears. IF you dare to pray and ask God to help you become who you KNOW you can be (yes, you already know)…IF you give life your best shot you CAN get an “A”.

Since you were a child you had certain likes, dislikes, talents, crafts, opinions, thoughts, ideas, and all these things which have made you into the beautiful individual you are. First, you got parents to start you off and equip you for your journey; then you get LIFE as the ultimate launching pad. Is it easy? No.

Honestly, the harder it is along the way, the tougher YOU become in order to do that thing you were born to do.

Easy breeds lazy. Lazy breeds nothing – literally nothing. Nothing will change; nothing will happen; easy, breezy, nothing land.

Hard breeds strength, courage, resolve, fearlessness. Hard breeds change – and anything CAN happen. Not easy, breezy land, but a land where dreams come true.

Don’t expect hand outs. Don’t take more than your fair share. Don’t miss opportunities because of fear. Don’t sit home when there is a chance something big could be knocking at your door. “Don’t be like Mike” (as the saying goes).

Be like YOU.

Be happy being YOU. Look deep into your heart and see what is there. Life is a balance of dreaming big and being wise enough to keep your feet on the ground. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help or prayer or counsel or advice from those who are trustworthy to give it to you. Don’t go along with the crowd (no jumping off cliffs if everyone else does). Don’t give in to fads and cultural ideals that are here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t be fooled by all that is bright and shiny – chances are it is NOT real gold.

Speaking of gold, gold is tried by fire (ouch).

You want a trophy, or a medal of honor, or recognition, or to be great? You want to change the world? It WILL come by fire. It will come with pain. Sorry, but it just does. If you are on your way to boot camp, you will learn this. It will be THE toughest thing you have ever done. It will hurt your body – it may hurt your feelings. BUT when you put on your military uniform and stand before your family and friends ready to go off and protect this great country, you will know the pain was well worth the greater purpose.


Basically, I want you to know life is tough.

And THAT is a good thing. It will make you strong and KIND (please for the love of all things good, be kind – it is fast becoming a lost art). Please open doors for strangers and give up your seat to an older person. Send thank you cards. Please return carts and don’t leave an awful needless mess all over the restaurant table when you leave. Have manners. Treat the opposite sex with respect. Cherish people. Keep your word. If you make a vow, keep it. Period. Please think before you speak (let your words be few – on electronics, and off). Make good choices because they ALL matter.

Don’t ever think you are too young, or too old, or too fat, or too skinny, or too poor, or too rich, or too ANYTHING. Just BE. Who you are, is enough – more than enough. Go do that thing inside you that is screaming to get out, and remember you do NOT just arrive – you don’t graduate and arrive at your destination. Life IS the destination, every mile of the journey counts. Go be grown up and do better than us; BE better than us.

“The steps of a good man (or a good woman) are ordered by the Lord, and He DELIGHTS in His way.” He created YOU with a purpose in mind and He will get you to where you are going. HE is your internal GPS. (Yes, He sometimes has to re-route us). I love you and I will always be cheering you on and throwing glitter. And singing loudly like Elf. Yes, in public (insert cheesy grandmother smile).


Love, Nani




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