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A Life Of Legacy: God Uses All Types Of People

God Made You a World Changer

A Life Of Legacy: God Uses All Types Of People
A Life Of Legacy: God Uses All Types Of People

Hello, Influencer

God made you a world changer. It’s true! You can make a big difference in the lives of others because God created you to have an impact. You can leave a legacy! But how does one find influence in a world of billions of people and plenty of distractions? It can be easy to think of yourself as insignificant and powerless; but those feelings, dear reader, are lies.

Lasting Legacy with God

To the people who state “one person can’t change the world”, I say, “You don’t know my God.” For one person without God, effecting lasting imprint on this earth might be a difficult task; but for the person with God, nothing is impossible. Need some proof? Here are some foundation-shaking men and women to fuel your inspiration.

God uniquely created Billy Graham to reach people through multiple ministries: preaching, authoring books, and beginning well-known radio and television programs. In fact, BillyGraham.Org states he “preached the Gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history.” God used him to touch over 200 million people in hundreds of countries. Talk about the impact!

Legacy Continued

God created the Apostle Paul, who was once a devout pharisee (see Acts 23:6), to spread the Gospel to Gentiles throughout the Roman Empire and the First Century world. He shared the hope of Jesus and the gift of adoption into God’s family to share in the salvation of God’s people, Israel. He also likely wrote several books of the New Testament which have been shared throughout many centuries with millions of people and many more today.

As a more contemporary example, I think about Christian authors like Priscilla Shirer, known for her non-fiction writing style. She inspires people across the globe to dig deep into the Word of God and seek the truth. She not only has excellent skills with a pen; but she is also a talented evangelist, motivational speaker, and actress.

Born to Impact

Just as God created the amazing and skilled people above, He also created you with special talents to give you the supernatural power to encourage and bring the hope of Christ to friends, family, social circles, and the strangers you encounter. You may be an evangelist who reaches millions like Billy Graham or simply someone who opens your home to one person in need. Both life callings are important and leave lasting ripples. Never discount the significance of the one person with whom you engage. The love and life of Jesus spread like wildfire. One person may only share the Gospel with one other person, but the hope carried to others through the inspiration of your one act of kindness can reach many others over time.

Additionally, in the age of communication advancements like social media, blogging, podcasts, eBooks, videos and more, we have the ability to encourage and speak life over people across the world. Thanks to the miracle of technology, impacting people for the cause of Christ can reach more people than any generation before it!

Now is the time to live out the Great Commission in your own creative way. Be you; and may your life, through the power of Christ, be a legacy that inspires everyone around you for generations to come.

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