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A Love Letter From The King

Read this letter of love, encouragement and hope today.

A Love Letter From The King
A Love Letter From The King

This morning during my time with the Lord, I had a precious vision, where I saw Jesus taking my heart. As He did it turned into a heart shaped valentine, and He began to write on it. When He placed the valentine back it became my heart again (I saw this as His words written on my heart). I believe this love letter from the King will bless and encourage all of us, especially those struggling, wondering if God really loves them, or if He cares or even hears their prayers.

Love Letters From The King!

Don’t you know that you mean everything to Me? My eyes are always upon you, watching your every move and wondering when you will come away with me. I long to show you my heart, my goodness and glory!

Do you not know and realize, I sing over you in the middle of the night. As you sleep, I look upon you and I sing! Just as a parent looks upon their sleeping child, yes, I rejoice over my creation too, as I gaze and look upon you!

For you are beautiful and glorious to Me. I have assigned my angels to you, to guard and protect you in all you do, as you go through your days. You are not aware, but I’ve placed them everywhere. So do not be afraid of what you will face today, for I am with you!

As you follow Me, wearing My bridal ring, fully devoted to Me, your 1st love, your King, I will hold no good thing from you, as you stay by My side, I’ll reveal My heart and My mind to you. As you gaze upon Me and My word, My glory will rest upon you!

You see my Bride, My love, I’ve called you by My side to rule and to reign with Me through all eternity! You are wearing My signet ring and now we are one!

His Encouragement

So rise up and reveal the glory of My Son, lift up and exalt your King, and know that I will take care of everything and bring you into your Promised Land.

I gave My life, I died for you, what else can I do to show my undying Love for you? When it seems I am not hearing or answering your prayers, know My child there’s a reason why, and reasons for the delays. It does not mean I love you less, but I’m working all things for My purposes and your best!

Trust Me and My love for you! Trust Me when you do not see or understand! Trust Me, that I have a greater plan, trust and know that you will see My salvation in the end.

For I am your God, your King, Your love, and your friend. Let Me be your everything! For I AM! 

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