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A Perspective Shift: Viewing Your Problems as Grasshoppers, not Giants

A Perspective Shift: Viewing Your Problems as Grasshoppers, not Giants
A Perspective Shift: Viewing Your Problems as Grasshoppers, not Giants

Imagine walking into the Promised Land for the first time, as did Caleb, Joshua and the other 10 spies Moses sent out, seeing sights they hadn’t laid eyes on for 40 years – an abundance of fruits, people and walled cities.

Even though Caleb and Joshua saw “strong people” inhabiting the land (Numbers 13:28), their report was still, “we are more than able to conquer the land” (vs. 30). But of course, as the story goes, the rest of the spies didn’t see it that way. Their fear-filled eyes could only see the giants in the land, reporting to the Israelites “we felt as small as grasshoppers” (vs. 32).

Shifting Perspectives Through God’s Provision

A little while ago, I was transitioning into a new land, a city I had never before lived. I was staring at what seemed to me a “giant” dichotomy between my bank account and the budget I would need as a small business owner to just break even each month – the amount was way more vast than it ever had been.

So Fear started talking to me, and I tried very hard not to listen. For a while, though, it caused some anxiety to well up within me, trying to drown out the journey of faith I’d taken the past decade to truly trust my Abba Father as Provider. But then He broke past the rising waters of Fear and spoke, “Krissy, if your problems look like giants instead of grasshoppers, then you need a perspective shift.”

‘Was it just that easy? A simple perspective shift?’ I asked myself.

The answer was yes.

As soon as I took my focus off my “giant” of a problem – my large budget and small bank account – I shifted my gaze to remember how God had provided for me time after time in the past – how seven years ago, when God asked me to quit my job and I didn’t know how I’d support myself, He reminded me of a retirement account I had forgotten about that had $15,000 in it; how when I went on a mission trip and didn’t enough money for food, He sent people my way to buy food for me without me having to ask, and many other instances.

Our Abba Father knows how to take care of us!

Shifting to a Heavenly Perspective

We need to stop staring at our problems, the ones that Fear tends to build up in our heads as giants, and shift our gaze to the One who has created us to BE conquerors and trample on our problems like they were grasshoppers!

It’s about viewing those problems in our lives from a Heavenly perspective:

In the eyes of Heaven, our good Father has given us FULL access to everything of Heaven, as part of our inheritance (Ephesians 1:18-19). We lack no good thing (Ps. 34:10), and there is literally no problem we cannot conquer (Rom 8:37)!

But it’s also about viewing who YOU are from a Heavenly perspective:

You are NOT a man or woman of fear! It’s actually not in your nature to fear (Rom 8:15). You are an INCREDIBLE conqueror who actually has the power within you to stare Fear in the face and do the impossible, anyway (Rom 8:11)!

It’s time to shift our perspective of ourselves as “giant killers” to “grasshopper stompers.”

You were created for the Promised Land. It’s your destiny to conquer the land your good Father has already given you, the land flowing with milk and honey, and laugh in the face of silly grasshoppers standing in your way!

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