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A Seed of Opportunity – What Are You Planting?

"The definition of opportunity is a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something."

In reading the definition of opportunity, I can’t help but recall Matthew West’s popular initiative, through song, in challenging us all to, Do Something.

We are each being given a choice in this world. Our choices will ultimately lead us down a path of destruction, or this given path of opportunity.

My loved ones are very precious to me. Their souls do matter. Whether you’re a family member, a colleague, a complete stranger, or a friend, my heart is to celebrate what the Lord is doing in your life, and what the Lord has purposed for you.

We are each being given this opportunity to serve, and in any way that the Lord may choose. There is nothing that the Lord willed or allowed to happen that He cannot use.

My life-lessons can be a testimony to share with others, and what you’re learning will also speak this truth to me. Good, bad or indifferent, when we’re willing to give it to Him, it will become a productive seed.

Doors of Opportunity

The are many doors of opportunity in this world—I have found that I must be very careful in my choosing.

I must question, “What am I setting out to do with this opportunity?”

After all, what purpose will it serve, and how can it also help others?

The last seven years have been a crucial part of my healing and development, and in enduring this season of change. When we are being guided into what seems to be a new direction, we can often stand in our own way.

Whether it’s for fear of the unknown, or an inability to let go of the past, we can often cause this delay. I know, for me, change never came easy, and sometimes required a forced-change.

Embracing Change

As I reflect back on my recent life-experiences, and through the process of these many life-changes, I do believe He is showing me, it is time for more than “just” change.

We are moving into a new season of completion in this world. This season isn’t the same as toiling the ground after gathering its crop, or in the basic preparation of another; but, more like a period of “planting new seeds,” different seeds.

You see, in order to gather for the next coming harvest, we have to produce healthier crops. He is giving us fertile soil for this. The land is ripe, and is being prepared, for this “ultimate harvest”.

I believe that the whole world is in a season of reckoning, and that decisions need to be made, for ourselves, what we are willing to believe. What we are planting into the lives of one another is vitally important in this upcoming season, and will be for all eternity.

It is a Heavenly garden that He is preparing us for, and it is necessary for all of us to choose more wisely.

Calling all fellow workers!

2 Corinthians 6:1 states that as God’s fellow workers we are urged not to receive God’s grace in vain.

Let’s get excited about the cities where we live! Let us encourage others to be these agents of change.

We can take this hope and encouragement we receive to the places where it is needed the most: in our homes, in our churches, in our classrooms, the grocery store, or wherever you may be.

It is time to carry this message of hope to the entire world, passing forward this seed of opportunity for change!

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