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A Simple ‘Jesus Loves You’ Can Change A Life

A Simple ‘Jesus Loves You’ Can Change A Life
A Simple ‘Jesus Loves You’ Can Change A Life

It was a Saturday evening and I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to go out for a walk and share the Gospel with someone. I started walking and there was no one around the town. It was empty so I began to converse and tell the Holy Spirit someone better show up or i’m turning around because the sketchy part of the neighborhood was just a few blocks away.

I kept walking and still- no one. Soon enough, I saw a man across the street pumping his gas. Before I could take another step, I felt a prompting to go tell the man that Jesus loves him. My mind instantly reacted with: “What? No. I’m all alone, if something happens, I don’t know where to run!”

As I walked past, a wave of conviction hit. I couldn’t continue on. I mustered up a quick ‘Jesus loves you’ and was ready to run if I needed to. The man yelled back, “Hey!! Come back! You are the third person to tell me that today. Who is this Jesus? Tell me about him.

“So often our “fear of rejection” may hold us back from obedience to His voice, but what if you’re positioned to be the one who hears an answer of “tell me more”? Even if you’re not, you get to prepare the way for their “yes.”

It’s in these kind of moments i’ve come to learn our smallest yes will always produce great results!


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