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Accomplish more by attempting less with Dr. Rollan Roberts

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Rollan Roberts, founder & CEO of Courageous Entrepreneurship. He was previously CEO of the Hover Board Company, where he led the growth of the single hottest global consumer product of the year in 2015. He shares his number one piece of advice and how you can accomplish more by attempting less. This is a must-listen episode!

Dr. Rollan Roberts grew up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Although he was surrounded by mental and financial poverty, he decided early on that his reality did not equal his destiny. With an unwavering determination and commitment to excellence, Rollan graduated college with his Bachelor’s degree in 5 semesters while working full-time jobs to pay his own way! After finishing up his first year of college and starting with nothing at 18, he became a millionaire shortly after graduating college at the age of 21. After losing everything shortly thereafter, he fought back to enjoy years of success in corporate America and has started several successful businesses. He is the Founder and CEO of iDream, a firm creating high growth companies, and hosts a weekly TV program inspiring people to pursue their dreams. He has two best-selling, internationally-released books entitled Born to be Rich and Born to Dream – both of which have been translated into numerous languages. His latest book, Riot: An Assault on Modern Leadership, expounds on the leadership required to create a high growth company.

Today, Rollan is best known around the globe as “The Dream Builder” and invests his time as a business consultant, keynote speaker, published author, business owner, thought leader, and TV personality.

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