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Actress, Patricia Heaton Criticizes Journalists For Their Insults Of Pro-Life Students

Where is journalistic integrity and accountability?

Actress, Patricia Heaton Criticizes Journalists For Their Insults Of Pro-Life Students
Actress, Patricia Heaton Criticizes Journalists For Their Insults Of Pro-Life Students

This last weekend there were numerous political rallies and assemblies in Washington, D.C. Among them was a historic gathering for March for Life that a group of high school students from Covington High School from Park Hills, Kentucky were part of.

By now you have probably seen the viral video footage that journalists first ran with. But after the initial outcry longer videos were released showing the full context behind the photos. It seemed that mainstream media were mischaracterizing the students. And lets remember, these are high school students and not adults. Adults were demeaning and hurling insults to the underage students, trying to bait them into negative political rhetoric.

Fox News said, “The subsequent video footage revealed that the students were accosted and yelled at before Phillips and other Native American activists approached them. Another group, the “Black Hebrew Israelites”, were heard shouting abuse at the students for wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.” No one should be shocked that the Black Hebrew Israelites were hurling racist insults, because of their anti-Semitism and erroneous understanding of Scripture.

With the full scope and truth coming forward from this event, some of the journalists previously rushing to judgment are issuing retractions.

Patricia Heaton Jumps Into the Conversation

On Monday, actress Patricia Heaton best known for ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, and a Christian pro-life advocate, jumped into the conversation. Tre Goins-Phillips of Faithwire said, “In a series of tweets, Heaton noted she’s seen ‘sincere apologies’ from journalists who jumped the gun in their reporting about Sandmann and Phillips, but argued apologies without some sort of disciplinary action seem insufficient.”

Patricia is correct in saying that the media frenzy which took place could have negative consequences for a very long time. Reports are saying that the students and their families are receiving death threats.

Mainstream Media Sharing False Stories, Pandering and Lacking Accountability

It seems that there is little to no accountability for the false reporting that caused a massive stir across the country. Everyone watching the first short clip the media ran with which demonized the minors could feel the negativity. But now the truth of the complex situation is emerging with the full scene of what happened.

Why do some media outlets still run with the false story, pandering their biased opinions to the masses? The answer is, because controversy and hysteria sells. Patricia says:

Patricia agrees apologies should be given, but is also saying disciplinary action must be taking place.

Is the Face of Reason and Honesty in America A Kid?

Nick Sandmann, a junior at Covington Catholic High School, caught in the center of the controversy spoke out on Sunday. In his statement he claims a group of African American protesters were taunting the students.

He said he was “mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen — that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward African Americans or Native Americans.”

“I did not do that, do not have hateful feelings in my heart and did not witness any of my classmates doing that,” he added.

We Can Do Better Than This

America, we are better than this. No matter what your political opinions and persuasion are, let’s be adults. You don’t agree with someone else’s opinion? That’s okay. We can still be friendly dialoguing about it. If you’re angry about what is going on in DC, exercise your right to free speech wth respect towards others. And always get the full context of the news. A 1-minute video or sound-byte rarely gives the full picture.

Also, if kids or teenagers are present during your rallies, help give them a different perspective. Try educating them. That’s why they are nearby, observing and learning, trying to figure life out. Don’t try to exploit them or hurl insults at them. Hate never wins. Christ-like love and compassion wins.

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