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Addressing Mental Health For What it is…

Addressing Mental Health For What it is…
Addressing Mental Health For What it is…

Understanding the mentality

If you have EVER struggled with anxiety, mental health, depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts or just have a lot of problems in your life right now… GET HELP. Never “wait until tomorrow”. Stop being lost in your mind and get help.

The trade-off

While I have never struggled with suicidal thoughts or contemplated self-harm, I know for a fact that if you end your life, it automatically opts you out of getting better.

The unexpected

Last year, my friend, Amy Bleuel took her own life. She started an organization called Project Semicolon and left a HUGE legacy behind her. Even though she lost her battle with suicide, she impacted millions across the world and spoke out against suicide until her life ended.

Changing perspective

This was the first time I had ever had suicide hit so close to home and It changed my perspective so much. While I know that nothing I could have said or done could have possibly prevented this tragedy, I do know that it sparked a fire in my heart to help end the stigma against mental health and to help others get through their struggles.

Now while you’re reading this, I want you to know that whether you know it or not, you have a TON of people counting on you to live. 

People love you and care so much about you… Don’t EVER think that suicide will fix any issue you may be having.

I believe that God made you with an amazing plan and has so much in store for you!

Don’t wait

Your life is so much more valuable than you’ll ever know and You have so much to live for.

GET HELP NOW. Don’t wait. Talk to someone and seek help from a family member, spouse, friend, therapist or pastor.

I promise you that you are worth more than you’ll ever know… Keep fighting and speak out against suicide.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide or just need someone to talk to, there are people who want to listen. CLICK HERE or on the image below for online counselors who are available right now. Start the healing today. 

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