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Adjust And Carry On

It’s never too late for God to use your life!

Adjust And Carry On
Adjust And Carry On

We all have someone in our past that we can look back at and see in the pages of our own history, how they made a difference in our lives and shaped us into who we are today. They are like memorial stones or landmarks; places that are unmovable in the foundations of our lives.

For me, it would be my adoptive mother, Helen Dexter. She passed away in 2017 at the age of 92. Gone but not forgotten; and she left behind something very powerful.

Since I was a little girl I watched my mother choose God. She never wavered in her faith and instilled that in me. Against all odds she did something in her later years that, to this day, makes me shake my head in wonder.

Helen’s husband died when she was in her 60s. She decided to go to Bible College, which I remember wondering – “WHY?”  This woman had already read through the Bible dozens of times; having left her notes in dozens of Bibles (I’m honored to have one of those)! She loved learning and studying and she felt you could never ever arrive in your learning; there was always MORE.

After Bible College she COULD have legitimately moved to a climate warmer than her cold New England roots, and spent her remaining years playing bingo, shuffleboard, and hosting women’s teas.

Ummm, but NO. NOT this woman.

She DID move to a warmer (MUCH warmer) climate – all the way to the other side of the world – INDIA. At age 66 she felt a stir and a call in her heart to go to India to save little girls and teach young women.

She reminds me of another tiny, barely 5-foot tall woman – Mother Theresa, who also served the precious people of India (not sure if they ever met, but I am SURE they would’ve been best friends). Helen Dexter would be a missionary to India (and Japan) for 20 years. Those 20 years took her clear into her 80s!

She traveled alone… and THIS in itself was NO easy feat. She faced enormous obstacles – cultural differences, financial burdens, disease, her own old age, loneliness, language barriers, living out of suitcases, and personal self-sacrifices.

She was a small woman with a BIG presence, and a bigger faith!  Stories are told of her standing on a rock boulder, directing teams of men as they built an orphanage. Yes, She had her own orphange for girls, taught young women the Bible in her own Bible school, fed the lepers, and did NOT let anything stop her.

Whenever I have found myself feeling too old, or too tired, or too broken, or too ANYTHING, I am reminded in my soul that she’d frown at me in love and just say, “Really?”

You are NEVER too anything!

No excuse would ever fly with HER!

This orphanage for girls in Orissa, India – a safe place where they grew up. Because of the labors and love of my mother, they were able to rise out of obscurity, and poverty, and hopelessness, and find LIFE, LOVE and PURPOSE. Back in the 90’s I helped her find sponsors for 20 or more young girls, all under the age of 12. The ratio of sponsors who kept in touch with them since the early 90’s to NOW, is almost 100%. THAT is amazing in itself.

I Samuel 30:24 says that those who stay home and help, are just as important as those who GO, and ALL will share alike in the reward. Kudos to ALL the sponsors who helped then, and who still help – along with a new generation of sponsors! At Christmas we were able to raise hundreds of dollars for a boy’s orphanage there in Orissa. The gift goes on…

THIS right here is what my mom left me – her India legacy. Since my mother passed, I have been contacted by so many dozens of those who loved her so much and owe their lives to her; I have heard stories I did not know; met people I would NEVER have known. Now I have scores of precious people on the other side of the world who call ME “Mama” or “Nani”.

There are new families that have been formed and new orphanages opened and the work of God has continued in full strength. There are generations of people who were changed because of a tiny woman, who answered the call. They loved her and they share that love now with me.

My niece Abigail Dexter (also from cold New England) has a burning love for India, which I am sure was passed on to her by her grandmother. She herself HAS been there and walked where her grandmother walked. The rest is yet unwritten…Wow. Just wow.

“Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.” (Psalm 145:4)

I said all THAT to say THIS:

You are never TOO old, or too far gone, or too uneducated, or too poor, or too broken, or too ANYTHING for GOD to use your life. Maybe you WILL go to a country like India and change generations there; maybe you will stay in your own little home and raise and change generations right in your OWN four walls.

Maybe you will serve soup to the homeless, or buy coffee every Monday for a war vet on your way to work, or make a short film, or write a song, or a blog, or just be THE only kind face someone will see today.

Whatever you do, do it without excuse and do it no matter how hard it is. Push back the obstacles or move them or step around them or bulldoze through them. It ALL matters – we ALL have our own purpose and there will be a blank space if we do NOT fill it.
In the words of Helen Dexter,  “Adjust and carry on.”

Click here to read more about Helen Dexter, her work, and her book.

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